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5 Ways I’m Planning To Conquer Spring Quarter

With Los Angeles seeking a stark increase in its vaccination rates, students are more and more hopeful for a rather “semi-normal” Spring Quarter. Or, at least I am. Being foolishly optimistic for Winter Quarter, I’m now convinced this time around won’t be nearly as miserable. In fact, I’m committed to making the next 10 weeks awesome. Here’s how:

No. More. Excuses.

Now that I am no longer deathly afraid of Covid, there is no excuse not to leave the house unless it is blatantly unsafe. YRL has opened, cafes have outdoor seating, and covid #s are on a major decline in Los Angeles. Life is coming back, and in order to truly live it, you have to move.

See The Positives of Online School

Online school was surely miserable when life was closed, and it’s definitely not ideal right now, but with life slowly opening up, having the flexibility of online classes can absolutely be in your favor. Take class to the cafe, the beach, or even a vacation. There is no other time to take yourself out even when you have class, but now, you can! Move around. Take the classroom with you. Why not?

CHOOSE Happiness.

Happiness is a choice. Sometimes, it’s a harder choice to make. Sometimes, it feels impossible. But with the sun out longer and a more hopeful future ahead, it’s the perfect time to make the deliberate choice towards happiness. Take yourself out. Go for walks. Call a friend. Do things that make you happy. Actually do them. Because you deserve it.

Soak in the Sun

The weather in Los Angeles is a flex. Take advantage of it! Attend class outside. See friends outside. Go to the beach. Go on hikes. There is no excuse when the weather is this beautiful,


Winter Quarter sucked the life out of me so much that I didn’t even care to learn what was being taught in my classes. It was hard to stay motivated and even remember why I was a student in the first place. With senior year around the corner and my time at UCLA almost ending, I’ve been struck with the realization that I am here to learn, not just to get a degree. Get to know your professors. Say yes to learning opportunities. Take something away from every lecture.

It might not be easy, but it’s well worth it. It’s time to put in the effort to make life amazing. I believe in you. You got this.

Nicolette is sophomore at UCLA studying psychobiology with a minor in professional writing. She is the author of her first published book, Control Mindset, a nonfiction guide to taking control of your mind & reality. Her aspirations are in the field of medicine, but she enjoys connecting the art of writing and creation with the sciences. She thinks writing biographies is very hard so she is butchering this as she types. She thanks you for reading her article and hopes you learned something new. She also loves coffee and needs some right now. She argues dark roast is the best roast. She's also probably hungry right now. Nom nom.