5 Types Of Guys You Might Encounter on Dating Apps

Oh, dating apps. Some people meet the love of their lives and some well, don’t. Each dating app is different and while they began as just a hookup environment, millennials have definitely started to use them for something more. I can in no way help you navigate finding the love of your life on something that was free to download, but I can show you how to navigate the boys you’ll probably come in contact if you haven’t already.  While there is a multitude of different people you’ll meet on apps, there are these five staple stereotypes that I almost promise will cross your path and will  possibly send you cringe messages. 


1. The Relatable Stoner Guy

He’ll teach you the difference between vape batteries but it won’t really get any deeper than that. He dresses cute and knows the best places to eat. But his job is less than satisfactory. He’ll be good for a few months but things will slow will fade. You’ll always be curious about where you stand with him but he’s so normal so you try not to kill the vibe. He was like a breath of fresh air when you first met but that will fade and your relationship will get super boring. 

     2. Gym Selfie Creep

I haven’t matched with these guys but you obviously see a ton of them. They are very much into how they look and take pride in spending hours a day at the gym. They are very charismatic or just genuinely boring, and sometimes well in between. In conversations, they'll definitely try to relate everything back to how motivational their lives are! They’re super positive and that’s cute for like a few conversations, but then it gets to the point where we live in the real world and not everything is fine and dandy. If you’re not a sporty/gym person then maybe he won’t work. But planning cute gym outfits can be fun...

     3. The Frat Boy That Never Graduated

He’s usually very good looking and has a great sense of humor, and this will really make you catch feelings. It’s into the the third date or weeks of snapchatting when you realize he really isn’t an adult. His job is vague, his car is from the early ’00s. The compliments and charm slows down once you start to notice he’s a giant man child. His sneaker taste varies, but he wears sneakers like all the time. Just like frat boys.


     4. Accountant/Finance Guy That Looks Like A DJ

He could literally be the third member of The Chainsmokers. He’s polite and likes to plan dates. His outfits are also very well planned and he’s well manicured. He’s perfect if you have a dreadful wedding/social event to go to because he’s the perfect flavor of social vanilla. His spirit animal is Arie from The Bachelor because you’ll always be trying to figure out his personality. He’s boring but could be very reliable and trusty.  


     5. The Patagonia Sponsored Hiker/Surfer

His pictures are literally all of him hiking or surfing. He’s super into being outside and he probably has a weird tattoo referencing nature/buddhism. He MIGHT wear Tevas or Birkenstocks but of course doesn’t get pedicures. He’s very much into vintage movies that you’ve never heard of and were forced to watch. You might begin to feel more cinematically diverse and artsy. His parents probably are part of the 1% but he literally lives off of tacos or acaí bowls. You’ll definitely become a cold brew coffee snob after spending 1-2 months with him, but his lifestyle is just a little too particular. 

I hope my little study guide helps you maneuver all of the different personalities you will encounter on datings apps. Overall, I think dating apps are important and useful and I hope I didn’t steer you away from such a useful technological tool. We all are searching for someone that understands who we are and dating allows us to find what does and doesn’t work for us. Datings apps are a great option if you don’t have a lifestyle that allow you to meet a large amount of romantic interests. Please remember, the right guy/girl is out there, it just might take a lot of left swipes!