5 Traveling Tips for a Girl Squad Vacay

If you’re still scrambling trying to make plans for this summer break, don’t fret, Her Campus has you covered with some ideas. It’s not too late to make last minute plans with your friends and head out somewhere. Here are some tips if you want to grab your gal pals this summer and go for and adventure!

HC writer Mariana and friends at University of Washington

1. Go somewhere “unexpected”

Try not to go the typical vacation spot, like Cancun in Spring break. Instead go somewhere new and not typical of a vacation spot. If you really want to enjoy the Mexican beaches during spring break or any other vacation then I recommend you also make a stop in Mexico City and stop by one of its most beautiful neighborhoods—Polanco. Polanco is a cultural hot-spot. Polanco is home to one of the biggest Jewish communities in Mexico which creates the perfect blend of cultures. The art museums and restaurants you’ll find in Polanco will leave you feeling a different type of way than getting drunk on a Mexican beach.

La Unica restuaran in Polanco, Mexico City

2. Stay in an Airbnb

Hotels can be expensive, so try an Airbnb instead. The neat part about an Airbnb is that you get to almost live like a local for the time you’re visiting.

3. Make a “non-strict” itinerary

Have a plan of what you want to accomplish and see on your trip but don’t stress yourself over it. Other things might pop up once you’re there and maybe going to the special art installation is more of your thing than going to the originally-planned shopping trip in downtown.

4. Download Venmo

Venmo is a necessity! I still can’t believe that people don’t have it. Venmo connects to your credit card or bank account and allows you to send money to your contact list through the app. This is especially useful for splitting bills and stuff like that. When you go to that cool indie restaurant that only takes cash and all your friends have credit cards, save for one cash-savvy friend; Venmo will really come in handy to pay back your cash-ready friend.

5. Have fun and explore!

Don’t stress, have fun. You’re on vacation, girl. After putting your best foot forward in this hectic quarter system, you need to de-stress and enjoy yourself.

Images courtesy of Mariana Ortega and Giphy.