5 Stylish Back to School Supplies We Can't Live Without

My favorite part about going back to school is the shopping. I love buying cute stationery and acting like my life is together (simply because I bought some gorgeous millennial pink desk organizers).

Nonetheless, I know I’m not alone when it comes to being obsessed with back to school shopping, so I put together a list of some of the best back to school supplies out there. 

1. World Map Cork Board 

If you're wondering how you can tell the world that you have a deep for travel and cute displays, look no further this is exactly what you need! 

*Pro tip: add the pics from you're travel location parallel to the cork to give that instant travelling artist free-spirit vibe.

2. Yoobi Tassel Keychain 

Okay, this chain is super cute. I personally own it and and I LOVE it. I got this keychain around the same time I moved into my new apartment to put something cute on my new set of keys and it totally worked. I can also stop my roommates from taking my keys since I can spot this mint green cutey from miles aways. 

3. Bando Light Box 

Let's get those 1950's neon night light vibes going! This is super awesome because you can customize to fit whatever mood you're feeling in that day.

4. UO Clothespin Photo Clips 

We've all seen it-- those tumblr worthy rooms with string clothespins lining the walls. Now is you're time to get into that artsy vibe and post up all you girls squad pics all over your walls, but in cute and danity way.

5. Yoobi Spiral Notebook 

Lecture can be boring enough, make it a little less boring with this super cute Yoobi notebook. It's decorated with doodles on the front cover and it's college-rulled-- so basically fun in the front and all bussiness in the inside. 

* images courtesy of Yoobi, Urban Outfitter, Bando