5 Skin Care Tips I Learned After Getting My Face Shaved By Amanda Hyde

I don't know about you, but every now and then my skin needs a major refresher. With colder weather kicking in, my skin has been looking dull, discolored and kind of rough. So I decided to book my first dermaplaning appointment to transform my face from drab to fab! While Los Angeles is like skin care heaven for those who can afford the pricey treatments, I'm just not made of money. So I was really excited to discover Amanda Hyde Skin located at La Brea Ave. Her menu of treatments include a dermaplaning treatment for the low price of $60, basic facials for $25 and even microcurrent therapy for $50. If you're in the area and looking for quality skin care that won't bust your wallet, then Amanda Hyde Skin is the place to be! Amanda has been practicing skin care since 2004. She has always been passionate about skin care and has taken pride in her successful business in aesthetics, which she started in 2003. I was lucky enough to get an informal interview with her while she was carefully shaving my face. Here are 5 exclusive tips from Amanda Hyde for keeping your face supple and thriving.

1. Top 5 Crucial Skin Care Tips For Women In College

Amanda Hyde: The biggest thing that you want to do when you’re young is to prevent damage from occurring later. Whatever type of sunscreen that fits your preference should be used everyday if you want to maximize the use of the product. Vitamin C and antioxidants that keep your skin nourished and strong are also great! Another thing people don’t realize is that they tend to overly dry their faces because they get breakouts so they get into this cycle of washing and drying and producing more and more oil and more breakouts. With that being said moisture is your friend! A really good quality moisturizer if your friend. Honestly if you start young you don’t have to get expensive facials so doing something like a mild resurfacer like a lactic or mandelic acid peel that may be less expensive. Also it's important to be consistent in application and keeping a baby regimen e.g. cleanser, toner, moisturizer can be super easy. My last tip is about balance. What I mean by that is, say you have a “mean” or strong cleanser, like a cleanser with say an acid then you would want your toner to be mild and your moisturizer to be extra hydrating. Or if you have a gentle cleanser and a gentle toner, then you can get a meaner moisturizer.

2. Underrated Products Every Skin Type Should Have In Their Arsenal

AH: T-O-N-E-R, TONER! Unless a cleanser is pH balanced, which it would usually say on the product, when you wash your face and then throw on your other products right after your skin isn’t properly prepped meaning it’s not at the right point on the pH scale so it makes your moisturizers and the products you use that follow after that anywhere from 30-80% less effective. What a huge waste of money. So what toner does is, it sticks you back to a balanced middle and preps your skin for everything else to come in. It’s like this wonderful communicator that is so important (everyone just pushes any whatever toner) and toners don’t have to be expensive. They can be as cheap and simple as Witch Hazel. You can also use micellar water. There’s lots of stuff out there that can work for you like the uber-wealthy are not the only ones that have the right to good skin, it is so attainable now with so many affordable products out there.

3. Most College Students Want To Be Frugal...Does Effective Skincare Need To Be Expensive?

AH: No. If you ever really need to splurge money on anything then my recommendation would be serums and oils. These are the things that do the most work. Also do not buy shitty drugstore cleansers and such. What people really need to focus on is reading labels. When you read a label and the first ingredient you see is alcohol or water you’re essentially buying nothing. You’d be better off I always say if you’re going to buy something on the cheaper side then go to holistic stores like Whole Foods and Sprouts. Go that way and if you can find something in a less expensive bracket. Also if you’re crafty you can make a lot of stuff yourself. That’s another thing you can kind of get into as well. You can even use products like Dr. Bronner’s baby castile soap if you will. There’s lots of choices surrounding you. Just make sure to educate yourself on the products you’re buying before you waste your money.

4. The Benefits Of Dermaplaning

AH: So when you think of hair removal from your face you have your usual processes. We've got waxing which can be abrasive for people with sensitive and can increase the process of getting wrinkles. You've got tweezing and threading, which can be really painful and irritating to the skin. The process of dermaplaning is essentially shaving your face. The skin is shaved with a sterile surgical blade as it removes layers of dead skin and peach fuzz. What's revealed is a fresh new layer of smooth skin. It really helps diminish hyperpigmentation and scarring. Any serums or concentrated products you use will work much better because they're not being blocked by layers of dead skin. Having that smooth surface also helps your make up go on smoother!

5. Holy Grail Products? 

AH: The things that I cannot live without are I love Hyaluronic Acid it saves my life every time. I actually have this mask by Hylunia, it’s called the antioxidant mask that I use as a moisturizer. It’s a part of their organic, green vegan line. The other product I cannot live without is my Jade Roller. I’ve been using it for the past fifteen years. They’re very popular now but I’ve been massaging my face for a decade which is why my skin is still so youthful even though I’m older. Circulation and movement are so imperative to the health of your skin. So it’s not even a topical product that I’m recommending. Before anyone gets into using jade rollers it’s important to understand that they came from China. And then American companies take these products and then they make them out of different materials and then they white-wash them and then they make them more expensive and brand them in a different capacity when you could just get the traditional  tried and true and it works in the same way. I have such a big problem with this practice. There are huge influencer nurses that have done that and they send these products for such a high-mark up. They’ll sell it to you for like $75 when you could easily get the real deal for $10.

Thank you Amanda for these useful and affordable tips on skincare! If you ever find the time to go, please visit Amanda Hyde Skin! She treats your skin with extreme care and understands skin care from a holistic and emotionally healthy perspective.