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5 Last Minute Things To Do For Spring Break That Won’t Break the Bank

Many of us would agree that the ideal Spring Break would involve traveling to a beach somewhere in another country and spending time with our friends without absolutely nothing to worry about. However, not many of us can afford these kinds of trips. But, this does not mean we cannot afford to have fun! Below are several ways you can make this Spring Break a fun one, without breaking the bank. 

1. Plan a local beach day

Southern California is inundated with beautiful beaches, some which offer fire pits or other amenities. You can plan a weekend getaway with your significant other or with your friends and spend a fraction of the cost, but make lasting memories! Prepare a day at the beach!  

2. Go on a hike!

There so many opportunities to make your Spring Break that much more fun! One of them being a hike. Plan a hike, with a view, with any one you would like. After your hike, or morning exercise, go out for a healthy and filling brunch. This will kick-start your day and help you stay active and feeling good.

3. Stay at home...

Now this is not the typical advise, but remember, it is time to relax. Take some time for yourself. Watch a movie, or catch up on your favorite show. This is the one week or day you can have it all for yourself— take advantage of this. Don't worry about not doing anything extravagant. Make the best of your situation and have some fun while you are at it!

4. Have a night out... to remember

Likewise, plan a fun Friday night. Go to dinner, then to a bar or to a club. Get ready and dolled up for a fun night to remember!

5. Plan a mini vacation.. away from home but close to home

If going to a beach in Mexico or Ibiza is not possible, plan a trip somewhere closer! Go to Baja California, better known as Rosarito, Mexico. They have a great atmosphere and it is a guaranteed fun time, plus much more affordable than having to purchase airplane tickets, hotels, etc.

What ever your plans are for this Spring Break, the most important thing is to have a fun time! Don't get too caught up on what you are doing, rather, think about those you are with and have the best time possible.

Photo Courtesy: Creative Commons--Flickr.com

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