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5 Juicy Gifts for Any Trendy College Girl

As we quickly approach the holidays, here are some last minute gifts from Juicy Couture for your favorite girls.

1. Track Suit

Track is definitely back and we are here for this cozy trend. Also, this holiday season Juicy Couture is giving back with the help of Delivering Good by donating one tracksuit to someone in need for every one purchased online. 

2. Cheetah Print Watch

This is a great gift for anyone who might need a hint to be a bit more timely. Plus, cheetah print is everywhere right now so this watch will fit right in.

3. Candles

You can never go wrong with a vanilla or even a holiday scented candle. We are loving this Juicy white and gold candle- it’s so cute and smells amazingly.

4. Reusable Water Bottle

This great for any college girl on the go. Save the planet by using this reusable bottle while looking fabulous. 

5. Charm Bracelet

We are loving this gold sparkly Juicy charm bracelet. This memorable gift will make gift giving easier as you can continue to gift new and personalized charms for the bracelet for years to come.

Check out Juicy Couture for more trendy, cute and cozy gifts for this holiday season.

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