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5 Cute & Comfy Clothing Pieces To Keep Your Outfits Fun Beyond Week 1

I think we have all been there: the first couple weeks of classes are over, and we do not know what to wear anymore. I know personally, I feel the best about myself when I have a cute outfit on. It makes me feel confident, like nothing can stop me. Looking cute makes me want to go to class and show off what I am wearing, even if nobody cares about it but me. Nonetheless, sometimes it is hard to put together an outfit when my closet does not feel particularly inspiring. These are some of my favorite clothing pieces that pair great with basics and make me feel like a fashion icon even when I am just sitting at my desk taking notes: 


I know. You probably have not worn one of these since elementary school, but trust me, they are incredible. Not only do they give you an illusion of a skirt, which makes you look like you tried harder than you did, but they are incredibly comfortable and breathable. I like to wear patterned skorts with a solid-colored T-shirt and taupe booties. It makes me feel put together and not worried about the wind kicking up to cause any problems.

Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are fantastic for pretty much the same reasons as skorts. They look more put together, there is little to no risk for exposure from the wind and above all, they are super comfortable. I have also found that they make me appear much taller than I actually am. They can be worn on hot autumn days and chillier ones as well. However, for those warmer days, I would tuck a solid tank top in and wear sandals, but for colder days, I can tuck a solid-colored sweater in and wear some black booties.

Satin Pieces

These clothing items can be in the form of tank tops or skirts, but no matter what, they make me feel a bit more dressed up and bold. The satin adds an unexpected texture and feels soft on my skin. I would wear a satin skirt with a T-shirt and sandals. A cardigan or cozy sweater can be added for some fall vibes too!

Cropped Button-Down Cardigans

Professors really like to bump up their air conditioning in class, and sometimes a sweater is the best way to go. A cropped button-down sweater looks like a normal sweater, but the buttons make it funkier and appealing to the eye. I would wear it with jean shorts and taupe booties. If it’s colder outside, it’s simple to switch out the shorts for some blue mom jeans. 

Wide Leg Pants

I never really loved the skinny jean trend because I always felt like my legs were suffocating, so I was pretty thrilled when wide leg pants started to come back. Not only are they comfortable, but they are breezy, especially on my legs. On top of that, I am a short girl, and I have noticed that these pants make my legs look a mile long. I have a pair of plaid wide leg pants, and I particularly love them because they incorporate the plaid fall trend. I wear them with a black T-shirt and black booties.

I have found that these pieces can really take my outfit to the next level, making me feel confident and motivated for success. Looking good can make me feel good, and these items can help anyone spice up their fall quarter wardrobe.

Emily is a UCLA graduate with a degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Musicology. She is a huge skincare enthusiast as well as a fashion and makeup lover who likes to experiment with her style. When she has some free time, she can be found obsessing over music and musicians, painting or going outside to enjoy the sun.
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