5 Completely Different Podcasts That Will All Instantly Lift Your Mood

1. Ted Talks Daily

This is one of my favorites. Every Ted Talk teaches you something new and is super interesting. Instead of scrolling through socials, give one of these a listen! There are hundreds of episodes to choose from, and they’re all equally engaging. It’s not like a pantry filled with raisins (ie Netflix)– it’s a pantry filled with gushers, rice krispies and flaming hot cheetos.

2. The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her

A fun and light podcast between a married couple, this one is sure to enhance your mood. Who doesn’t like a fluffy listen?  

3. VIEWS with David Dobrik & Jason Nash

Do not judge me for this one. These two are hilarious. Their podcasts are unfiltered and engaging. It feels like you’re hanging out with the entire crew; get listening!

4. The B*&#h Bible

This is by far one of my favorite pop culture podcasts out there. Jackie Schimmel has everything to say and nothing to hide. You’ll get thoughts on The Bachelor, celebrity drama, relationship advice and loads of entertaining interviews. It’s like you’re having wine night with friends but without the wine and without the friends. Crazy fun.

5. Your Motivational High Five

This one is like a 5 hour energy drink in podcast form. Each podcast is only 5 minutes long, but packed with the best energy that’ll leave you motivated, energized and excited to conquer each day. Simply, it’s audible caffeine. You can’t say no to that!