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The 5 Best Political Podcasts for Aspiring News Junkies

As college students, it’s hard enough keeping up with studying, homework and tests. Political news often exists as an afterthought—a confusing faraway entity that never stops churning out more and more product. Figuring out what political stories to pay attention to proves to be a completely overwhelming task. Well, have no fear!! POLITICAL PODCASTS ARE HERE TO HELP! Podcasts are the perfect way to keep up with the news because the stories are hand curated by professional reporters who know the lay of the land. Read below to start your own digital news stand: 

NPR Politics

My go-to political podcast, “NPR Politics,” is the perfect show for anyone who wants a nonpartisan lowdown of the most important news of the week. Every Thursday, the podcast releases a new episode entitled the “Weekly Roundup.” The Weekly Roundup is hosted by a rotating table of NPR journalists who each specialize in areas such as the White House, Congress, the Justice Department and Politics. Each episode features in-depth analysis from reporters who have actually been on the ground investigating news stories.

In the Thick 

“In the Thick” is a podcast “about politics, race, and culture from the POC perspective.” The podcast is hosted by Latino reporters, Maria Hinojosa and Julio Ricardo Varela. The podcast aims to highlight national news from the viewpoints of Latinx hosts and guest speakers. In an amusingly smart way, the podcast explores the effect that national policies have on the Hispanic community—emphasizing that POC issues should be told by and for those who identify with the community. 


Pansuit Politics

A podcast hosted by women from opposite sides of the political spectrum, “Pantsuit Politics” emphasizes that political discussions do not have to be polarizing. Each week, Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers aim to educate their audiences about the latest news from Washington. They do not shy away from controversial topics but rather face them head on. Recent podcasts they have released include “5 Things You Need to Know About Abortion Law,” “5 Things You Need to Know about Impeachment” and “5 Things You Need to Know about Criminal Justice Reform.” 



Formerly an email newsletter, “SKIMM THIS” provides listeners with quick and efficient snapshots of both national and international news. Each podcast is 10 minutes long and perfect for any college gal’s commute to class or a quick bedtime review at the end of the day. 

Pod Save America

Hosted by four former aides to President Obama, “Pod Save America” provides smart and timely discussions concerning the latest political news. I love the podcast because the hosts are endlessly optimistic about the state of our country. However, the show is heavily left-leaning and often discusses the Democratic agenda to win back the White House and Senate.  

Podcasts are truly the best thing ever created!! At the simple push of a button you can learn all the information you need to know, without wasting time scouring the web for credible sources. Through listening, we can hear varying viewpoints that do not always align with the opinions that are common in our area. Listening to podcasts can help you get one step closer to understanding your place in the world. And, that’s pretty amazing! 

Sophia is a freshman at UCLA studying Political Science. In her spare time, she enjoys bingeing Grey’s Anatomy, scrolling through Pinterest, and reading. She aspires to one day attend Law School. ♡