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AAPI Month
AAPI Month
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5 AAPI Women That Are Changing the Future

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

In celebration of AAPI Heritage Month, it’s important to celebrate diverse cultures. What better way to do this than to recognize some of the women who do the most for the community? Here are five incredible AAPI women who are changing the future, featuring a few special Bruins!

Ashley Liao

At just 22, Liao has accomplished great things. From graduating from UCLA this past December to playing Clemensia Dovecote in The Ballad of the Songbirds & Snakes, Liao is a great representation of a hardworking young woman in the industry today. Clearly, her resumé is stacked, and we love to see fellow Bruin pride!

Olivia rodrigo

Rodrigo has been a champion for many important causes today and we’re proud of the positive representation of Gen Z. She openly and actively celebrates her Filipino heritage on her dad’s side; I even saw a candle of her inside a restaurant in Filipinotown. We’re also from the same hometown, so shout out to Temecula!

Miki Rai

As a rising star and content creator in the nursing industry, all current and future nurses appreciate the true representation of the profession. Graduating from UCLA Nursing in 2018, Miki Rai has been a champion in the nursing industry ever since. Alongside her fiancé, Kevin, Rai makes content surrounding young adulthood, creating a work/life balance, and the true facts behind working in the medical field. Honestly, she’s one of the major reasons I’m here today, so I am very grateful for her heartfelt tips and firsthand advice.

Ashley aka Best Dressed

Coming from Burmese heritage, fellow UCLA alum Ashley aka Best Dressed has been one of the major faces of fashion since her YouTube days all the way to current high fashion editorials (like this one she did for Gucci). Watching her grow from giving tips to young adults on how to find their sense of fashion and identity to her success in the fashion industry has been extremely inspiring.

Melanie Locke

With Japanese and Chinese heritage, Melanie Locke has served as a pioneer in the rise of thrifting and upcycling. As a young adult, we can find comfort and relatability in watching her videos! Navigating life post-grad while trying to maintain a sustainable and ethical lifestyle is something almost everyone can find relatable.

happy aapi Heritage Month!

Happy AAPI Heritage Month and cheers to these rising stars in the industry!

Danielle is a second-year from Temecula, CA. Her articles range from sharing interviews with influential figures, discussing the ups and downs of being a young woman in LA, and spreading positive energy through diverse stories! Happy reading!