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4 Ways To Shop Your Dad’s Closet

My dad’s closet has become a real staple in my closet. It might seem weird, but if you keep reading I promise to save you a few bucks and maybe even help you discover your next vintage look.

Be strong and sift on ladies. It is going to be worth it. Here’s what to look out for: 

 Old Concert Or Retro Looking Graphic-T’s

Old t-shirts are the perfect thing to match with any high waisted or ripped pair of jeans. Throw on a jean jacket (hello canadian tux!) and your sunday brunch outfit is complete. Bonus: the shirt could already be distressed (what my dad calls his “yard work shirts,”) ensuring maximum rocker chic vibes. You can dress this look up with some heels and a clutch, or stay with the theme and keep it casual with a pair of “dad” sneakers. 

 Sweaters And Sweatshirts

Okay, so yes, you are probably thinking you and your dad have very different sizes. But, the oversized sweatshirt trend is very much happening right now. It is Kardashian and Ariana Grande approved. Make it into a dress, or throw on a pair of leggings underneath when you want to keep it casual; whatever fits your fancy. 

Vintage Jackets

If you are really lucky, you may find the perfect, worn in, oversized jean jacket. Not only are jean jackets often unreasonably expensive, but it is hard to find one that isn’t approaching straightjacket-level stiffness. Bombers and old ski coats can be another great find. The vintage vibe could make your next puffer jacket a color blocking masterpiece.


Bad hair day, no problem. If your go-to jeans and white-tee look needs a little lift, we got you (or should I say, he’s got you). Just go into Dad’s closet and swipe the perfect accessory. A ripped, worn in hat is exactly what you (and your hair on that 3rd day after washing) need. A baseball cap will add a sporty, chic touch to whatever you have on. And this athleisure look has no limit – it’ll take you from beach to brunch. 

These looks are unique and, most importantly, cheap. So next time someone asks you where you got that totally retro sweater, say it loud and proud. There is no shame in the dad closet game. 

Laney is a feature writer for Her Campus at UCLA and a 3rd year Communication major. She is arguably tone deaf, has no sense of rhythm, and doesn't know her left from right. You can usually find Laney meal prepping or at the grocery store. She wishes she could bring New England fall and spring to California - winter can stay right where it is.
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