4 Tips For Celebrating Friendsgiving In a Dorm Room

Since most of us go home to family for the actual Thanksgiving holiday, Friendsgiving is a good way to celebrate gratitude with the family you find at school. It can be hard to put together an entire feast in a communal area with no kitchen, but fortunately, there is always a way. Here are some of our tips on hosting the best Friendsgiving possible.

1. Get some microwaveable meals.

If your dorm rooms don’t come with kitchens, you might feel a little trapped. Luckily, there are plenty of tasty microwaveable options. Trader Joe’s Turkey Cranberry Meatballs is an easy alternative to the standard whole turkey that’s typically served at Thanksgiving meals. Add some Turkey Gravy and some Mashed Sweet Potatoes, and you’ve got the whole deal!

2. Make sure you coordinate.

Consider a spreadsheet so everyone can sign up on what to bring. Hopefully, this will ensure that everyone pitches in and will hopefully prevent the unwanted appearance of six pumpkin pies.

3. Bring cute decorations.

With just some flowers, garlands and festive napkins, you can easily bring in the autumn spirit into the lounge. A nicely set table will instantly boost the mood, and it’ll make for cuter pictures too!

4. Have fun!

After everyone is stuffed with good food, it's the perfect time to relax with your friends! Whether it’s a good fall movie or two—think classic romcoms—or a board game, we all deserve to let go after a rough midterm season.