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4 Reasons Why We Can NOT Wait For Life Is Beautiful 2018

Life Is Beautiful is a celebration of life’s endless limits. With top music performances and beautiful art installations, Life Is Beautiful takes over the Downtown Las Vegas streets. Here are 4 reasons why you CAN NOT miss this years festival.

1. The Positive Vibes

The three-day festival is overflowing with positive energy. The staff workers at Life Is Beautiful make sure to encompass the festivals main goal of creating an uplifting environment for people to feel free to be themselves. Festival goers are surrounded by smiles and friendly faces as they walk into the experience of a life time – an experience that NO ONE wants to miss! 

2. The Amazing Art Installations

Life Is Beautiful brings together renowned artists to help create the positive atmosphere that is promised to festival goers. The art installations range from murals to galleries and everything in between. Take a break from the heat and walk through a gallery that has been created by acclaimed artists around the world OR take a picture in front of the murals that have been carefully crafted to bring awareness to influential topics. You’re surrounded by art at Life Is Beautiful and it doesn’t end there!

3. The Incredible Food Vendors

The food vendors at the three-day festival are all unexpected and delicious in their own ways. Life Is Beautiful tries to encompass as many different types of food as they can so that the festival goers have endless options. From local restaurants to food trucks and everyone in between, food lovers around the world would be impressed with the mouth-watering flavors that you can order. Don’t even get us started with the desserts! We’re waiting on the edge of our seat for the 2018 food vendor lineup.

4. The Best Line Up We’ve Seen All Year

Today the musical artist lineup was officially released to the public and we could NOT be happier. With big name artists like The Weekend, Florence and the Machine, DJ Snake and more everyone is sure to find someone that they love. Not only did Life Is Beautiful gather SO many top artist, they are bringing new bands to the venue, too! Lovelytheband and The Dirty Hooks are just a couple of the new bands that we can’t wait to see. The lineup for the Life Is Beautiful festival wins in our competition of festival lineups for 2018 – sorry Coachella.

This three-day all-you-could-ever-want festival kicks off on September 21, 2018. Tickets for the festival start at just $295 for General Admission. For a VIP package, ticket prices increase to $655 for all three days. This includes access to exclusive shaded areas, food vendors, charging stations, private restrooms, and more. There are two more packages that you can purchase if you’re looking for an all-inclusive festival experience. These tickets can be purchased through a payment plan or in full on Thursday April 26, 2018 at 10AM Pacific Time here.

Jazzy Skye is a college student at UCLA with a passion for telling the world her adventures. Her favorite way to spend her free time is through travel and writing. She is currently an Events Director of the Her Campus UCLA Chapter and has recently began her travel and lifestyle blog, www.CulturedandClueless.com.
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