4 Reasons Why I Love the New Bachelorette

Next Monday kicks off Season 13 of The Bachelorette and Her Campus at UCLA could not be more excited! (#tbt to our Bachelor Viewing Party in March)

Although the season is just like the any other (weirdest profession? definitely the tickle monster), Rachel Lindsay is making the most of her position of ~power~ as the new lead for ABC's famous franchise. As the first Black lead, Rachel is making sure to address race from the very beginning. In an interview with E!, she talks about being nervous about "being the first", but is excited to bring to light a matter that is "very real, very relevant, and not talked about enough." We have seriously recieved such a glo-up compared to last season with Nick

Without further ado, here are 4 reasons why I love the new Bachelorette:

1. She's incredibly smart and driven

According to her official profile, "Rachel, 31, obtained her under graduate degree at University of Texas at Austin, then went on to receive her law degree from Marquette University in Milwaukee. Driven and passionate about her career, Rachel quickly joined a prestigious law firm back in Dallas after graduation."

2. She has the cutest dog

And his name is Copper!!

3. She loves John Mayer

Definitely would've fainted if I met John Mayer and Ellen in the same day.

4. She's compassionate 

Her Instagram is filled with her supporting different causes.

Let us know if you love Rachel as much as we do! 

all photos courtesy of @therachlindsay