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4 Fall Fashion Trends That Are IT

Fall fashion is 100% my favorite type of seasonal wardrobe. I mean, talk about all the types of sweaters, knits, hoodies and crewnecks we get to be wearing? Oof, it's getting me excited as I type. Below are four fall fashion trends to be on the lookout for when planning your 2020 fall fashion wardrobe:

  1. 1. Statement Collar

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    A great and convenient way to amp up a typical crewneck and jeans outfit is by layering a clean, white-collar underneath. Think "Chilton Preparatory School" for all the Gilmore Girls fans out there. The subtle collar can make your outfit look more put together with a touch of preppiness to your chilly-weather ensemble.

  2. 2. Leather Pants

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    I don't know about you, but leather pants have been popping all over my Pinterest. Incorporating leather pants into an outfit brings a unique level of edginess to a typical all-black outfit. Leather pants allow you to pair with fun prints and textures including cheetah, zebra and even a leather-on-leather moment. 

  3. 3. Oversized, white-collar top

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    A white-collared top can be worn so many ways this season for a warmer, fall day (aka California weather). Try wearing the top with one side tucked in and the other out for a more relaxed, mature look. Or, as seen in the photo, wear the top as a light jacket/coverup. As you can see so far, collared tops are essentially the main character.

  4. 4. Platform Converse Sneakers

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    This has been quite the popular shoe for the summer to fall transition season. The platform not only helps a 5'2 girl like me with extra height, but it also truly boosts any outfit in comparison to regular Chucks. I like to think of the platform shoe as the "sneaker version" of a classic, fall boot. Try them out, whether it's a high top or low top platform, and you'll see what I mean.

What are the fall trends you will be wearing this season? I hope you found some inspiration here!