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4 Cliche Phrases From The Bachelor You Should Avoid Saying To Your First Time Valentines Day Date

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

While The Bachelor is certainly a great way for us all to live vicariously through the ~perfect~ romance, year after year we often hear the same things said from each bachelor to each contestant, and vice-versa. 

If you’re sharing a nice evening with a brand-new special someone this Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to be 100% you on your dates, but we’re also here to help steer you away from those over-stated cliche phrases we’re all tired of hearing from The Bachelor. 

1. “I’m incredibly excited about our relationship.”

One thing this year’s titular bachelor loves to talk about is his eagerness about the relationships and the potential they hold. Okay, that’s great. But Nick, can you maybe find a different adverb to describe how you feel about them? Incredibly is getting a little bit old. We encourage all of you ladies to find a different descriptor to express your excitement about furthering your dating experience with your V-day date. 

2. “I can definitely see myself falling in love with (insert name here).”

It’s safe to say that around approximately week 3-4, at least one contestant starts to reveal the idea that they can picture themselves falling in love with the bachelor. During one of the confession camera scenes, one (or more) of the girls usually swoons about how amazing the bachelor is, how they are experiencing their developing relationship, and then *gasp* how they see a potential love in the near future, or have ealready started to feel it. Though it might be love at first sight, try to give it some time before this phrase makes it’s way in the mix.

3. “I’m (insert age here) and this is my last chance to find love.”

Whether it’s a new bachelor that’s saying this, or a contestant, we all know this is slightly melodramatic. There will be many other chances in these people’s blossoming lives to find love, as there will be for you if this Valentines Day date doesn’t work out exactly as planned. 

4. “This night has been so amazing.”

After every one-on-one date, where the bachelor and contestant seemingly never eat any of their dinner, there’s almost always a “wow, this night has been so amazing.” These two things just seem to go hand in hand. By all means give your date the affirmation it deserves afterwards, but please, at least take a few bites of the meal you’re having. 


Sarah Ahern is a sophomore at UC Irvine studying literary journalism. Aside from writing for HerCampus, she interns for the self-help website DreamitAlive.com. In her free time, she enjoys writing, playing tennis, and baking.
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