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3 Genderless Pieces To Kickstart Your Wardrobe Revamp

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

I didn’t make it to Coachella this year, but I did in fact make it to see boygenius perform at the Re:SET Concert Series in Pasadena last June, which from a fashion standpoint, turned out to be just as much of a moment. While I have always been a proponent of taking risks and experimenting with style, my risks always fell safely within the realm of clothing that felt in line with my gender identity. However, as I planned out what I’d wear to the concert of three female-identifying singers who refer to themselves as “the boys” and boast an impeccable track record of androgynous tour looks, I decided it was time to step outside my comfort zone. This concert served as my entrance ticket into a world of fashion that seeks to toe the imaginary line between stereotypically feminine and masculine forms of dressing, which also turned out to be such a fun way to develop and fine tune my personal style.


First things first, regardless of whether you love ‘em or you hate ‘em, we can all agree that jorts have had a moment in 2023. I jumped on the jorts train alongside other household names like Hailey Bieber and Emma Chamberlain, unaware that they would catalyze my interest in curating additional genderless looks. Jorts are one of the best starting pieces because they are always easy to find and reasonably-priced, especially if bought second hand.

I found my jorts on Depop, but you can find them just about anywhere online these days. While I was hesitant to buy a pair without trying them on first, (the trials and tribulations of jean shopping), I decided to size up so I would have the option to do some alternations; I ended up cutting mine for a frayed hem look! They are also so versatile; you can dress them up with a kitten heel and some sleek jewelry or throw them on for class with an oversized sweatshirt and Birkenstocks (especially Bostons if you manage to snag a pair). Don’t be afraid to let the jorts be the star of the show! 


While the power suit is no stranger to gender neutral styling – Blake Lively circa 2018 being the blueprint – I think the vest, as a singular entity, has even more styling power and potential than the full set. Whether you opt for a tailored blazer vest or like me, source a men’s suit vest at your favorite vintage store, you are practically guaranteed to give off that effortless chic vibe. While I personally recommend going the second hand route, Gap and J. Crew are also killing it with their vest options that are perfect for fall. For styling, I like to keep a few buttons on mine undone and pair it with a baggy jean for a fun contrast. 


The evolution of Adidas Sambas throughout the past year and a half has been one of the most dynamic processes to watch, especially since it has become the epitome of a genderless wardrobe staple. The sneaker went from an overlooked indoor soccer shoe to being styled countless times by fashion pioneers like Harry Styles and Bella Hadid. I’m impartial to the basic white sambas because they go with just about everything, but with all of the new colors circulating online, I think it might be time for a Stock X deep dive. If you can’t get your hands on a pair of sambas, then the Adidas Gazelle sneakers have also been taking the shoe game by storm.

With the idea of a “capsule wardrobe” in circulation, I think all three of these pieces represent the perfect balance of playing into current trends while also purchasing clothing that has the capacity to be worn time and time again in an array of looks. Owning clothing that is both timeless and genderless allows for the max amount of creative liberty when it comes to curating an outfit itself and the vibe that you’re wanting to give off. Even though we often call them “basics,” with the right layering and accessories, there doesn’t have to be anything basic about your look!

Ellie is a second-year Global Studies major at UCLA, from Charlotte, NC. Her favorite author is Sally Rooney, and she loves re-reading books, playing field hockey, cooking for friends, and photographing them on her camera. In the summer, you can find her in downtown Manhattan peeking into a vintage store or writing in a coffee shop.