3 Essential Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Everyone hates a dirty bathroom but we also hate cleaning them. We're in college in hardly have to time to get our own lives under control. These bathroom cleaning hacks should help you get a little order back in your life and bathroom. 

1.) Dirty Shower head?

SUPPLIES About 2 cups distilled white vinegar  Plastic sandwich bag Rubber band

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Fill plastic sandwich bag halfway with vinegar.  2. Place filled plastic bag around showerhead and affix with rubber band.  3. Allow shower head to soak for four hours or overnight.  4. Remove plastic bag and wipe clean.

2.) Dirty Mirror?

MATERIALS Black tea Newspaper Spray bottle

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Brew black tea and let cool.  2. Place tea in a spray bottle.  3. Spray solution on mirror and use newspaper to wipe up for a streak-free shine.

3.) Cluttered Bathtub?

Hang an organizer inside of your shower


* this article is based on Buzzfeed’s cleaning hack YouTube video

*images courtesy of giphy