3 Creative Items I Make Each Day To Feel Empowered

To create something is to put a part of yourself into the world through a physical form for all to see and interpret. If you have ever created something entirely yourself from start to finish, you know that it is a brave and extremely satisfying thing to do. You are being vulnerable in allowing others to see yourself in a physical object but you are also satisfied by seeing this part of yourself reach such a complete and comprehensible form. It is a way of seeing yourself in a complete way, even the parts that you yourself could not see or understand before. Lately, I have been reminded of this feeling after one wholesome night of making friendship bracelets with friends. Since then, I have made it a goal to create something every day and to put a part of myself into this world, whether it be accepted or rejected by others. Here are a few ways I have achieved my daily journey and how it has left me inspired to become more fully myself in this world:

  1. 1. Friendship Bracelets

    Creating friendship bracelets with friends is a simple and nostalgic thing to do, but seeing your relationship with another person through a physical object is also a very beautiful thing. One random night, I suggested to a few friends that we make friendship bracelets. Since these friends were relatively new in my life, I felt a bit foolish suggesting the idea. However, I was immediately warmed when they all agreed with enthusiasm. Soon, we began brainstorming bracelets for each other, each telling little stories or details that could contribute to part of the beaded string. I was surprised that many of them remembered such little things about me that I told them in passing many months ago. When my bracelet was done, I saw a part of myself in the plastic beads. This simple bracelet made me so happy, and I was inspired to express my gratitude to my friends more often. 

  2. 2. Funny Figures & Drawings  

    One day, I was “studying” with a friend which meant we wanted to get work done, but were constantly distracted. I suddenly decided to draw a strange little figure. He had bug eyes, a large head and a number of other abnormalities that made him look like an odd but funny cartoon character. I showed my friend the little monster, and she laughed, so I decided to give the little sketch to her.

    After that, I drew a few more. Then, a few more. I handed the funny little creatures, each with their own little odd details, to my other friends. Revealing my odd humor and unique artistic interest in the seemingly “unappealing” art form is not something I typically do. However, in accordance with my new way of approaching life, I decided to go out on a limb and reveal my odder side through this drawings. This made me more comfortable with my odder side and inspired me to express more of it, no matter how strange.

  3. 3. Collages

    I have always been interested in fashion and as I began to become more familiar with the industry, I found a special interest in the graphic design aspects of the industry. I would flip through magazine after magazine, marvelling at the layouts, the colors and the ways they would incorporate so many pieces in the magazine spreads. I flipped through these magazines for years, wondering if I could ever make such beautiful things.

    My new resolution of creating something every day helped this idea become reality. I downloaded a free graphic design app and began my work. I cut, edited, brightened, sampled and pasted until I created the final piece. In the single page, I could see my fashion dreams and my creative fantasies in a physical form. The colors defining my mood were sampled, the models that I saw myself within were displayed and the clothes that I connected with were finally seen in their complete form. It was incredible. No, it was not the best layout I have ever seen, but it was mine, and it inspired me to continue my work because I was able to see my capabilities transform into something physical. 

You would be surprised by how much you can learn about yourself and how much more comfortable you become with yourself when you create something with your own hands. It can reflect who you are far better than any mirror. Further, it can tell you who you can be, even when you have not been that person. Create soemthing every day. It does not have to be big or amazing, so long as it is yours from start to finish. I think you will be very satisfied with the results.