20 Creative Galentine's Day Gift Ideas Your Besties Will Love

With the Valentine's Day season coming up, I'm sure we're all on the lookout for the cutest gifts for our gals! So please enjoy this gift guide for a couple of amazing suggestions on how to spread the love this season to the ones closest you:

  1. A perfect accessory to spice up any outfit at all! We all love an elegant statement earring, so pair with jeans and a sweater for a cozy day walking the streets, or dress up and go for a night on the town with these gems!

  2. A staple for every jewelry collection that makes you feel like you can dress up any outfit. A simple and elegant touch that doesn't rust and fits your finger perfectly. I highly recommend as it is also on sale (yay!) and available in multiple colors and sizes.

  3. A bag that adds a nice touch to any outfit. A very feminine and elegant look that can hold all of your essentials, with a great clasp on the front to keep all of your items safe and secure wherever you go.

  4. Sunglasses that give you a little edge and make you feel empowered to take on your day! These glasses are polarized and are good for protecting you from the sun while looking fashion-forward at the same time.

  5. Try these cozies for lounging around the house - a must-have for those cozy days at home! This brand of loungewear is truly top-notch (I own a lot of their other products) and they will not pill or fray after use.

  6. Very comfy for an at home, running errands, or whatever the day calls for! These will keep your feet warm and protected, and can also be paired with any outfit for your daily outings.

  7. A cozy knit hat to keep you warm during those chilly days in the New Year, while also looking fashionable! This high-quality hat is a good buy for anyone that loves to take those chilly, early morning walks, or is out and about in the winter weather and needs that extra layer of warmth.

  8. A must-have for working out, listening to music or podcasts, or catching up on an audiobook. This item has great sound quality and is great for people that spend a lot of time working on the computer which, nowadays, is a lot of us!

  9. Rose scented candles to get you in the mood of the season - and they burn for 56 hours! I truly recommend this item (as I have one burning in my home right now) as it smells amazing and makes your house feel like a flower shop.

  10. Treat yourself or your BFF to this exotic mask to hydrate, cleanse, soothe and strengthen skin for a renewed radiance.  This emollient mask combines a unique blend of plants and botanicals plus vitamins C, E, and K to nourish your skin with invigorating hydration, leaving your skin vibrantly refreshed.

  11. A true rescue for all skin types! The Madeca Derma face mask sheet saturates normal, dry, sensitive, combination and oily skin with hydration and moisture to reveal a more youthful vitality. The mask uses energizing ingredients, proven to soothe skin damage caused by UV and reset the look of damaged, scarred skin. Expect long-lasting moisture, our mask keeps it soaked in your skin.

  12. A beauty basic! The dynamic-duo of facial mists. Packaged in chic glass bottles, these colloidal silver facial mists keep your face oh so clean, clear, and hydrated. 

  13. Great to do with your gal pals or solo, this red wine elasticity daily sheet mask is great for boosting the skin’s elasticity along with restoring hydration for a smooth complexion. The key ingredient of wine extract allows the skin to fight aging by restoring collagen into the skin.

  14. Enough Project launched their first hair care products February 1st. Their adorable Sweet Peach Gift Set will contain a pH balancing shampoo, vinegar treatment and microfiber beauty gloves. The pH Balancing Shampoo + Vinegar Treatment strengthens the scalp’s barrier while essential oils provide anti-bacterial effects & create simultaneous scalp and hair glow care.

  15. A fashion-forward mask to protect you from the virus without giving you that dreaded mask-ne! An extremely comfortable silk face mask that barely feels like you're wearing anything at all.

  16. SMOKO, known for their kawaii home decor, has this adorable Tayto Potato Valentine Mochi Plush that is perfect for snuggling! Give this to your cuddle buddy and they’ll be sure to fall in love.

  17. MISS SWISS is aportable makeup holder designed to prevent product spillage and assist in makeup application. This is the perfect gift for a friend who might need an extra hand with their makeup.

  18. Victoria Emerson has the most beautiful (and affordable) leather and pearl bracelets! 

  19. These sustainable earrings are handmade from recycled sterling silver or 14k gold. Plus, they are so cute!

  20. Perfect for any friends (or roommates!) with a sweet tooth, GOOD GOOD's Choco Hazel is a healthy and delicious chocolate alternative.

I hope you found some cute, trendy and unique gifts to show your love for your girls this Galentine's Day!