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15 Spring Date Ideas In Los Angeles for Any Budget

Dating in Los Angeles can be a lot of fun because of all the amazing activities there are to do. Springtime brings back the most amazing LA weather so enjoy it before it gets too hot to go outside. It is the perfect time to explore LA and enjoy some quality time with your S.O. Some of the best LA dates can cost you no money at all, but we also have ideas for when you want to splurge. Here is a list of dates in LA that range in price but are all equally fun!

1. Farmers Market: Hollywood Farmers Market, Melrose Place Farmers Market

This free date gives you a chance to enjoy the spring weather and all of the amazing seasonal fruit that comes with it. Farmers markets are full of amazing food and drink for you and your date to try and explore on a budget.

2. Picnic: Park or Beach

This can be a continuation of your date at the farmers market or a new adventure all together. Pack a homemade lunch and find a spot on the beach or in a popular LA park and enjoy the season.

3. Hike: Runyon Canyon

If you are willing to sweat, a hike is a great date for you. Now that the weather is getting back to the normal LA heat, being able to explore outdoors makes dating even more enjoyable.

4. LA Museums: LACMA/Getty Center

This date can cost you nothing and allows you to see what amazing art is located throughout LA. Some museums are free while others require a ticket, but either way this is definitely different than your average dinner date. 

5. Volunteer: Work at a Food Bank

This date allows you to get to know your partner while doing something good for your community. 

6. Trivia Nights

Trivia nights take place in restaurants and bars all over Los Angeles and usually require a team. However, you and your date can go and be added to a team of strangers. There, you can make new friends and test your knowledge all while enjoying the company of that special person. This date usually ends in a prize depending on how you do at Trivia!

7. Universal Studios / City Walk:

Obviously there is the amusement park, but that is not necessarily all you can do while there. City walk has many restaurants and fun activities you and you date can try. One of my favorites is indoor skydiving!

8. See a Play: Love Never Dies

If the theater is your thing, then take a look at some local plays happening all spring season. The price for tickets will very depending on the cast and theater you are watching at. At the Pantages theater, the next big play to come to town is Andrew loyd Webber’s Love never Dies which is the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera.

9. Classic Tourist Date: Disneyland

This is a classic LA date for people of all ages. This does begin to break the bank a bit as Disney prices are always rising. However, going once a year or once every two years makes saving and enjoying this LA classic worth it. Also, if you want to change it up simply go to downtown Disney or explore California Adventure. 

10. Skyspace LA

This date is for the daredevil. If you want to see LA at new heights take a date to explore LA Skyspace. It is an open platform viewing location in LA that also comes with a slide that takes you over the side of the building. Springtime brings more sun and better weather, which makes for a much better view!

11. Art Class / Wine and Paint

This date also ranges in price and gives you a chance to share your artistic abilities. Art classes are offered at museums and other small art studios, but if you want to kick it up a notch you can go to a wine and paint night. The paintings are usually influenced by the season, so in the coming spring months be ready to paint lots of bright flowers!

12. Studio Movie Grill

This date is an affordable dinner and movie date combined into one. With all the amazing movies coming out in the next few months, now is the time to try these amazing new theaters. With a full dinner menu (with prices that vary) these theaters serve you as you watch your movie and bring a whole new meaning to dining. It is very different to eat in a dark theater, but it has to be one of the most fun dates to go on.

13. Movie at the Chinese theater

Another movie option brings out the LA tourist. This theater offers only one movie at a time so there is not much choice behind it, but it does allow you to explore classic Hollywood Blvd. 

14. Near Beach Lunch: North Italia

Having lunch on/near the beach while the weather is still cool enough to be outside is an ideal LA date. North Italia is an amazing Italian restaurant right next to Santa Monica Beach and close enough to walk to the pier. Handmade Italian food and delicious wine for lunch with a walk on the beach after is defiantly one of the best dates in LA. The prices vary but can add up as you will want to try as much as you can. 

15. Full Day Drinking Adventure: Malibu Wine Safari

This amazing wine tasting location has been visited by celebrities and can easily be a date for anyone in LA. This date is pretty pricey and should be done for special occasions or if you feel like spoiling your S.O. The great thing is that you get to be up close and personal with the animals and see Malibu in a different way. The wine is just a plus!

Photos courtesy of Alexa Velasquez

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