15 Short Girl Struggles

Some of us just stopped growing taller after the eighth grade. Here are 15 struggles every short girl can relate to.

1. When guys feel that it's okay to randomly pick you up without asking  

2. When people use your head as an armrest

3. Kissing on your tiptoes

4. Trying to buy a maxi dress--like why does it always have to drag on the floor

5. When you see something you want in a store but it's too high for you to reach

6. Always having to adjust the machines at the gym

7. Never being seen in group photos

8. Getting arm cramps after slow dancing from reaching your arms as high as they can possible go

9. When people try to genetically diagnose you, always asking, “wow you're so small, how tall are your parents?”

10. Wearing heels and feeling normal for the first time11. 2 shots and you're wasted12. Being able to shop for shoes in the kids department13. Always having to get your jeans hemmed14. Being the same height as the kids you babysit for15. Being strangely happy that Kim Kardashian is only 5ft 3 inches 


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