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The 13 Phases of Watching “Always and Forever, Lara Jean”

Most hopeless romantics, like myself, have been obsessed with the To All the Boys trilogy since it first came out three years ago. As someone who also read the books, I am in love with Jenny Han’s work on both the pages and the screen. The highly anticipated finale, Always and Forever, Lara Jean is finally upon us, and it is definitely a rollercoaster of emotions. Here are 13 phases of watching Always and Forever, Lara Jean (Warning: spoilers ahead).


The initial excitement of watching the opening credits is so extreme. Personally, I could not stop smiling the entire time, and this movie was honestly the boost of serotonin I needed. Can we also talk about how cute the graphics were? It completely fit the series aesthetic, and perfectly set the mood for the absolutely adorable film that lies ahead.

Dang, I Miss Travel

If you did not feel the slightest envy when Lara Jean screams “Hello from Korea,” you’re lying. This pandemic has spoiled everyone’s travel plans, and I am missing seeing sights other than my bedroom walls. Everything looked so amazing, from the food to the fashion and all of the fun activities. I cannot wait to book my first international flight when everything is safe! 

Also, can we talk about how Kitty is literally in middle school and randomly met a cute boy abroad? I’m a sophomore in college, and I don’t even run into cute boys when I’m grocery shopping at Trader Joes. Totally not fair! 

This Reunion Is Calling Me Single In 10 Different Languages

The chemistry between Lara Jean and Peter K. has always been so cute and lovable, and seeing Peter surprise LJ was just a reminder of that. I absolutely hate being tickled, but watching Peter tickle attack Lara Jean after she called his feet big made me reevaluate my opinion. The way that they look at each other when saying goodnight is absolutely heart melting. Some people may say it is a bit much, but it was just the right amount of cheesiness I needed this Valentine’s season. 

This phase also reminded me of how single I am and prompted me to open Bumble. I then put my phone right back down because I didn’t want to miss any of the movie, but I was definitely reminded of my relationship status during this scene, and the rest of the movie as a matter of fact. 

Royce Hall
Original photo by Audrey Choong

Miss Covey, I’m going to have to ask you to put some respect on UCLA’s name, especially over Berkeley…? We are the number one public university. Don’t just brush over us like that, please and thank you. Go Bruins!

Admiring Lara Jean’s Aesthetic

Everytime I watch one of these movies, I am reminded of how Lara Jean’s aesthetic, wardrobe, and decor are actually goals. My heart breaks for her as she’s crying about Stanford, but all I can focus on is the adorable unicorn pillow next to her. The production design team for this series is so underrated. They really did embody the brain of a hopeless romantic.


Lara Jean, you aren’t going to tell him? At least tell him tonight. So we are just waiting to tell him? Okay, sure, this totally isn’t going to backfire. You’re literally at the diner where you confessed your first secrets and vulnerabilities to one another. This is not the place to lie! I just want to say that book Lara Jean would not do this.

The NYC Trip Chaperones ????

While I am a hopeless romantic, I can also be a realist, and the extreme lack of chaperoning on this field trip has me literally shaking. For starters, let’s acknowledge the fact that Lara Jean could just walk into Peter’s room and not immediately get expelled. Everytime I went on a trip in high school, my classmates and I could not walk into a room that wasn’t ours. If we were 5 feet out of bounds, we would be suspended or expelled. The characters were literally exploring New York like it was some personal summer vacation! With this supervision, Peter and LJ could have been in the same group. Would any of the chaperones actually noticed? Make it make sense. 

Also, while we are on the subject of the New York trip, I just want to point out the unrealistic depiction of the college party. Maybe I’m just going to the wrong places. When it is safe again, can someone please point me to the rooftop party that has a live band and is quiet enough to actually hold a conversation?

Well In The Book … 

This phase specifically applies to my fellow fans who also read the book. It is no secret that the books are always better than the movies. However, that does not stop our minds from over analyzing every detail that they changed in the film adaptation. I’m still confused why they changed the location from Virginia to Oregon. However, taking the movies for what they are, I still think they are so cute and charming. Also, I think we can all agree that Movie Peter > Book Peter. 


Peter, I know you are stressed that you and Lara Jean are going to break up, but come on, man. Telling LJ that she doesn’t love you enough is so over the top. Of course she loves you, she just also loves her future. I understand you come with baggage with your dad, but let’s not be the man that thinks his girlfriend’s life revolves around him. You’re still cute though, and thank goodness you get some sense in the end.

Chris Is An Icon 

I love Chris. She’s so blunt and can be such a mood. She deserves her own phase just so we can appreciate how great she is. She also has impeccable ice cream taste and chose the right break up pint for Lara Jean. We love you Chris. You’re an underrated character. 

 Not Me Crying Over The Sisterly Bond

I’m an only child, and I am very happy that I do not have siblings. However, watching Lara Jean, Kitty and Margot together has me feeling some type of way. I love that they are always there for each other through the ups and downs. Even if they get on each others nerves, they come together in the end. They have such a strong bond that inspires me to be as supportive as I can to the people I am close to in my life.

What 2021 Is This, And How Can I Get There?

Lara Jean and Peter graduate as the class of 2021, and I’m jealous of their version of this year. I understand the movie is fiction and filming took place before COVID, but it makes me reminisce of what everyone thought this year would be. I wish our 2021 allowed travel, group events, and safe in person school. I hope LJ and PK don’t take their days in their parallel universe for granted. Fingers crossed for 2022.

It’s Over…I Can’t Believe It

Three years later, and the franchise has ended. I know that I will rewatch the movies multiple times, but it feels weird knowing there won’t be another To All The Boys released next Valentine’s Day. Watching the reel of all the scenes made me so warm inside, and seeing the characters embrace change made me excited for new chapters in my life as well. I also love how they finally took Lana Condor’s extensions out for college Lara Jean. Considering so many girls, including myself, get a new look before entering this new phase, it made the ending feel more real.

Thank you Jenny Han and all the cast and crew of the To All The Boys series. You’ve given me many girls’ night in, mini movie marathons, and happy thoughts. I know I’ll always come back to your work with a smile on my face. Now, let me look at my Bumble I opened up in Phase Three.

To All The Boys I've Loved Before

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