12 Easy, Cheap Valentine's Day Gifts & Dates Your S.O. Will LOVE

Valentine's Day is the one day of the year completely dedicated to showing and giving love to your significant other. But celebrating Valentine's doesn't always mean spending a lot of money. Sometimes the best gifts and dates are simpler than you think. Below are my top ten gifts and date ideas—and they're all under $20!

1. Coupon Book

Fill it with cute coupons for specific outings, doing specific chores, or helping your S.O. in specific ways that may not happen everyday.

2. Wine & Bath Bombs

This benefits both you and your S.O. A night alone with a bottle of wine and a bath bomb can turn up the romance and relaxation while not breaking the bank.

3. Mixed CD/Playlist

CDs may be a thing of the past, but a playlist of songs that reminds you of your special someone or your relationship is totally and very personal.

4. Memory Book

If you are into scrapbooking, then this is the gift for you. Creating a photo or memory book with your partner can be something to hold on to forever.

5. D.I.Y. Art Gifts

Show off your artsy skills! Whether it is painting or knitting, anything handmade is a token from the heart and can be fun to make.  

6. Group Date

Who says dates have to be just the two of you! Make it a group date, invite friends over and have a game night with wine and snacks so you can all enjoy Valentine's Day together with little to no cost. 

7. Sweets (Bake or Buy)

The best way to your lover's heart can really be through their stomach. Baking themed cookies or buying lots of candy to be shared is super cheap and so fun!

8. Specialty Date

Dates do not need to cost a lot to be special. Who wants to fight for a reservation of Valentine's Day, anyway? A movie night or a drive to the beach can make an ordinary day a bit better and really allow you to explore your relationship though quality time. 

9. Survival Kit

You can always make a gift out of things your partner needs on a daily basis. Get them their favorite body wash, beauty products and junk food to put together a basket of favorites and survival necessities. 

10. THIS IS GROUND- Sweetheart Cord Taco

This cute gift can be for friends or your S.O. Everyone has the same problem when it comes to headphones with cords. This useful gift can go beyond Valentines day and truly benefit anyone you want to gift it to. Reasonable priced and thoughtful, this is one of the more useful and creative gifts on this list. 

11. Day of Gifts

This year, Valentine's Day falls on a weekday so you may not be able to spend the whole day together, but you can still set up a day of gifts. This can consist of little notes and gifts strategically placed to make the weekday better. It can be a love note in their lunch box or or a note on the mirror. After all, it is the little things that make this day special. 

12. Cooking Date: Cooking Class at Eataly 

Making a meal for your S.O of a group of your friends can make a really special Valentines Date. But what is even better is taking a cooking class at an amazing LA eatery that adds to the magic of cooking and Valentines Day. Eataly, Located in Santa Monica provides a great Italian experience with their shops and restaurants and will bring you and your Valentines Date closer together with amazing cooking classes. 

Photos Courtesy of: Francesscas.com & Pexel.com & Thisisground.com