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10 Reasons Why “The Roomate Book” is a Must Read for Every Collegiette with a Roomie

“If you have terrible luck with roommates, you’re the terrible roommate.” This one of my favorite quotes Becky Simpson uses in her hilarious, yet insightful guidebook to living with roommates, The Roommate Book: Sharing Lives & Slapping Fives. Everyone says that one of the lies you’re told your freshman year in college is that your roommate(s) have to be your best friends. While it is true that you don’t have to LOVE your roomie(s), you definitely want to be friendly with them.

Let’s be honest, you’re probably going to be stuck with this person for the rest of the year or until your lease expires, so it’s best to at least try to get along with your roomie in order to create a safe space you both look forward to coming home to. Simpson’s book provides fun quizzes, maps, and words of wisdom that will help you to have a great year with your roomie(s). Here are 10 reasons Simpson’s book is a must read for anyone who is living with roommate(s) for the first time or who is struggling to live with the roommate(s) she has.

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  1. You learn the importance of letting your roommate(s) know you appreciate the little kind things they do.Photo Credit: memegen.com

  2. Simpson includes a list of 10 things you must avoid when living with another person, and breathing, talking, and chewing loudly is on this list. Photo Credit: memegenerator.net

  3. She sheds a light on the importance of learning each other’s pet peeves (and gives good examples of some aka not replacing the toilet paper and leaving toothpaste in the sink). Photo Credit: mememaker.net

  4. She gives advice on how to deal with the thing we all dread but can never fully avoid: confrontation. Photo Credit: quotesgram.com

  5. She shows you how to use the Eisenhower Matrix model for chores– fancy I know. Photo Credit: makeameme.org

  6. She addresses the importance of knowing your comfort levels. Is it that hard to shut the door when you go to the bathroom?! Photo Credit: makeameme.org

  7. She offers examples of things you should be able to share with your roomie(s) and things that are normal not to share (boyfriends). Photo Credit: memes.com

  8. She offers an amazing list of traditions you can start with your roomie(s). Photo Credit: memegenerator.net

  9. She presents another fantastic list of things you and your roommate(s) can do on those nights you rather stay in than party hop. Photo Credit: memegenerator.net

  10. She gives you a list of creative party themes you and your roomie(s) can use to throw a good time for all of your friends. Holiday Party at the Wrong Time of Year is my favorite. Photo Credit: quickmeme.com

The Roommate Book: Sharing Lives & Slapping Fives is available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles online. Make sure to follow us on Twitter (@HerCampusUCLA) and Instagram (HerCampusUCLA) and keep an eye out for a special giveaway.


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