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Valentine’s Day: the most romantic holiday for couples in love, for friend groups or even for secret admirers, but also a holiday dreaded by solo individuals. You might be tempted to text that ex of yours who isn’t good to you, romanticize a relationship with your favorite celebrity or even double text that random person on Tinder. The truth is being alone on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be dark and gloomy. The only relationship you should prioritize is the one with yourself.

Even if you are alone this Valentine’s Day, you have every right to celebrate and treat yourself to a huge box of chocolates just like everyone else because you deserve it. You’ve accomplished so much and I’m proud of you. Plus, it’s only one day; you can get through this!

Here are a few things to remember on your special day:

  • You’re doing the best you can while in a global PANDEMIC

The COVID-19 pandemic altered reality from the moment it began and gave rise to the loneliness pandemic. Being in the midst of a worldwide pandemic in the modern “roaring 20s” isn’t easy, yet here you are, tackling challenging obstacles and making the best out of your situation. As we approach another COVID-filled Valentine’s Day, it’s always important to remember to stay safe and get vaccinated to protect you and those around you. You deserve a huge teddy bear for how you’ve handled it thus far.

  • You have plenty of company

Chances are you aren’t the only one thinking about how “alone” you’ll be on Valentine’s Day. Many others are thinking the same and are currently reading this article, so relishing in the fact that you all are solo this Valentine’s Day could be a perfect opportunity to find new hobbies, connect with others and explore new things. You and all the other singles deserve three chocolate boxes each.

  • The FBI agent in your device

Think of others this Valentine’s Day, including the FBI agent spying on you through your camera 24/7. They have been with you through your ups and downs and have worked overtime putting personalized ads on your Instagram feed. When you think you’re alone, you aren’t because there is always somebody watching and listening. Gummy bears for you and them.

  • Prioritizing your mental health

Treat yourself to a nice mental health day! Avoid anything that could drag you down, whether it’d be comparing yourself to others, social media, technology, your next-door neighbor… etc. Focus on things that will bring you happiness and take this moment to appreciate the people around you. You deserve a rose petal bath with candles and everything.

Valentine’s Day is meant to be all about romance and happiness, but many people spend it being depressed and lonely when it doesn’t have to be that way. Loneliness is a state of mind, but being alone is physical. You can be alone and spend Valentine’s Day prioritizing your well-being!

Happy Valentine’s Day! HCXO!

Claudia is currently a sophomore at the University of Central Florida majoring in Social Sciences and triple minoring in Medical Sociology, Medical Anthropology, and Women and Gender Studies with a certificate in Anthropology of Global Health. She is a lover of all things fashion, lifestyle & wellness, and pop culture! When she isn't writing, she's definitely binge watching shows on Netflix, her current favorite is Sex Education. Catch up with her on instagram @ciaudla.
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