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You Know You go to UCF When…

1.     It takes you an hour just to find parking…even though you still have to walk half a mile to your classes. 

You would think a school with 60,000 students would have a lot of parking, but it most certainly does not. If you're running late for class and need to park, you might as well just give up now. 

2.     Your football team can’t win a game…

We're so bad that businesses in the area are making promotional offers like free Uber rides or beer until UCF wins a game.

3.     Running into a giant fountain is completely acceptable.

Where else can you run with a mob of people into a giant fountain and not get in trouble for it? 

4.     Walking through the Student Union courtyard every Wednesday is like a war zone. Word of advice: NEVER leave home without your sunglasses and headphones…otherwise you’re fair game. 

The worst part is, even when you have the sunglasses and headphones on, they sometimes will still approach you…not okay. I clearly do not want to be bothered at the moment! 

5.     It’s more efficient to walk then ride your bike or skateboard.

There are so many people on the sidewalk that people on bikes just end up wobbling around because they’re going too slow. Then you have the skateboards who just end up weaving in and out of people...usually resulting in a collision. We need a speed limit on these sidewalks people.

6.     The cranes and squirrels aren’t afraid of humans.

You just can't win because the cranes are the size of a human and have no problem going right up to you...and the squirrels are just fat and vicious.

7.     You can live entirely off of free food provided by UCF sponsored events.

It's very possible to not have to go grocery shopping for a month solely because there is enough free food at these events to last you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

8.     It takes you 20 minutes to walk from one class to the other because UCF is just that big.

By the time I make it to class I’m sweaty and ready for a nap…

9.     When class registration opens up, within not even 24 hours, most of the classes you want are already full.

It’s a battle out there trying to register for your classes. You may need to fight off a few people in order to get a spot in some of your class. If you're not sitting next to your computer when registration opens, you can kiss your seat in that class goodbye. 

10. It’s not uncommon to know multiple people who work at Disney or Universal Studios. Especially ones who are characters during Halloween Horror Nights…

I know at least three Disney princesses...and hey I've always wanted to be a princess, but I guess I'll have to settle for just knowing some.

11. Going to the Library could mean two different things.  

Are you going out or are you studying? Hmm...I guess we'll all just have to make our own assumptions. 

12. You can still go to the pool and tan in November.

While everyone up north is bundled up watching the leaves change...we're just chilling over here by the pool watching the leaves stay the same and getting sunburnt. 

13. You can still get lost walking in a giant circle around campus. 

You'd think the campus being in a giant circle would make it easier to get around, but it's not! On a bad day you could be walking in circles for an hour before you actually find where you need to go. 

14. You get all of your shirts and pens from free UCF tabling and events. 

You know you can't walk through the Student Union courtyard without at least grabbing one free thing from those tables! 


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