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You Betta Work, Bxxch

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

On October 1, 2013 Britney Spears released her much-anticipated music video for her latest single, Work Bxxch. The video features toned Spears in her usually skimpy costumes, performing flawless choreography. Like every major music video release these days, Work Bxxch has been condensed into bite-sized chunks of moving pictures, otherwise known as GIFs. To celebrate a new era for the Queen of pop, I have picked some of my favorite GIFs for the new music video.


“You Betta Not Snap Your Neck, Bxxch”

Britney, you are not getting any younger, and I know you need to stay sexy and youthful for your fans, but please be careful swinging your neck around like that!

“Party in France?”

Who wouldn’t want to party in France with Britney Spears? *Starts booking flight*

“Sea Full of Sharks”

It’s no secret that Spears has had her share of tough times in the public eye, and this may be deep, but I think this is a representation of all of the sharks that are constantly surrounding her, waiting for her to fall. But, in this situation, she’s working it in her hot pink couture dress!

“Naughty By Nature”

After all these years, Spears shows that she still has a naughty side. In this GIF, I am taken back to the iconic Madonna and Britney video, “Me Against the Music.”

“Now Get to Work, Bxxch!”

Okay, you’ve seen all you need to see. Now, get back to work, bxxch, those papers won’t write themselves!

PS: Who but Britney Spears does their makeup in the middle of the dessert… 

Matt Fultz is a sophomore studying Marketing and Magazine Journalism. He is currently the official fashion blogger of Her Fashion and contributing writer for HCUCF. After college, Matt hopes to work for a fashion magazine in NYC and gain a reputation as a fashion photographer. Follow Matt on Twitter: @MattWFultz for fashion updates and more! 
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