You Are the Girl for the Job

So, I know you’ve heard it a thousand times. “Someone’s already doing it.” Me too. ⁣There will always be a thousand other photographers, a million other writers, a million other bloggers, doctors, business owners, lawyers and florists. There will always be a big, intimidating number of people doing what you’re doing, or what you want to do, whatever it may be — whether it's a career, hobby or interest. So, why would YOU want to add to those numbers? Someone’s already doing it, and probably better too, right? 

I find that this is the way we approach most things we want to take on. Before we can even begin to think about the possibility of success, we think about all the reasons why we shouldn’t do something. How crazy is that? You're the only person that needs to believe in yourself. You don't need another person's input or opinion, you simply need to convince yourself that you are capable and deserving of following your dreams.

We're constantly looking for qualifications that will tell us we won’t fail, and we want to be completely prepared before we start something. We look at people and wonder how they do it, and how we could never. We feel we're not qualified enough and we’ll never get there, or if we do, it won’t play out as we want it to. The truth is, half of the battle of doing anything worthwhile is letting go of everything you think you’re not, so you can become exactly who you're meant to be.⁣  girl standing in field of flowers Photo by Priscilla Du Preez from Unsplash

So, what now?

There are two ways to handle this question that so many people are faced with.⁣ ⁣You can give up because someone else can do it better and so many other people have the same dream or idea. Or, you can do whatever it takes to be the best you can be, at whatever you want to be, and ignore the voice that says you're not good enough. 

⁣Here's the thing. No one can bring the same passion, experience, knowledge, perspective or determination that you have. Every single interaction, conversation, hardship and moment of success that you've ever had has shaped you and will continue to. 

Every single person is called to something great. Being the person for "the job” has nothing to do with your capability, but everything to do with your willingness to accept who you are and who you're meant to be. You can either be the person that allows the daunting fear of failure and comparison to scare you away, or the person who runs toward their dream with arms open wide. You're not defined by the self-limiting beliefs that say you're not good enough. You're defined by the way you turn them around and create a life that you love and a life that impacts a world that desperately needs it.

You are the girl for the job.