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Would You Wear Graphic Leggings?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

Usually, I would be completely opposed to wearing leggings as pants, but I’m willing to make an exception with this new trend. Graphic print leggings are definitely leaving their mark here in 2013, and pretty much anything goes when it comes to the pattern. There have been some where a simple piece of mesh is going straight down the side of your leg and there have been some that are just out of this world. Graphic leggings are great when you want to be comfortable yet stylish. There is only one rule that I absolutely live by when it comes to wearing these stretchy “pants” and that is: Your shirt must be long enough to cover certain areas in the front and the back. Other than that, be a little adventurous, have fun and try a pair!





This is not a new trend by any means, but it is one print that has made an impact. Leggings with the print of the galaxy, milky way and stars have landed here on earth and are not going anywhere. Celebrities, including the wonderful Snooki and designers like Jac Vanek, are big fans of the galaxy print. Wear a print like this with a solid black, white or colored top and a pair of combat boots, you will have all eyes on you. Anyone can pull this look off even if you think you can’t!




Leggings aren’t meant just for the gym, cleaning your house or studying in your room- well at least not sexy ones with mesh and studs. These are perfect for when you are going out and don’t feel like wearing tight jeans. Pick up a pair that are black that show some skin. Nicki Minaj has been seen rocking this look. You can wear these with a long white tank top and a black blazer with some fun accessories, and you will be looking fierce!




Now these leggings are for the brave, fashion-forward, risk-taking fashion gurus. Leggings with ridiculous prints have been hitting stores everywhere. I mean literally any print you can think of is probably on a pair of leggings now. I have seen some with the games Super Mario, Pac-Man and Tetris on them. Talk about crazy! Now these are a little risky and you could look kind of crazy if worn incorrectly, but if worn right you may just get everyone a little jealous. Since you will be working with a print that is not so normal and quite difficult, everything else must be basic. These leggings will be the showpiece of your outfit!


I'm a junior majoring in Broadcast/Journalism and minoring in Marketing. I am a feature writer for Her Campus UCF and loves all things fashion and entertainment. I plan on reporting fashion live from the red carpet and being the next co-host/anchor for “E! News Live.”
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