The World Is on Pause, It's Time to Reflect

Who would have thought 2020 would have such a rough start? Businesses closing early, roads empty with cars, Disney and Universal parks shutting down — what has this world come to? We need to step back from the situation. We are all too close for comfort about the issue. Shut off the news, this is the time to not think about the past or future. Be present. Although it feels the world is giving us the ultimate middle finger, we need to remember the importance of these precautions. This is for own well-being and it’s not a forever thing. 

Disney World's Walt and Mickey StatueTo the high school and college seniors graduating this semester: just know you’re not alone in this endeavor of whether or not you will be at a physical graduation ceremony. It’s not an ideal situation, but this is the time to remember the fun and how far you’ve come since then. Maybe you started your journey with a different major, different difficulty of classes or not even thinking you would see the day you would graduate. But you’re here now. You’re at the home stretch and even if you think walking at graduation or being there physically is the finish line, know the true medal is your diploma. You did it! Be proud of yourself; this virus can’t take away your pride. 

seven graduates throwing their hatsTo the anxious mothers and nervous hypochondriacs: take a deep breath. This is the best-case scenario. We have the best technology and scientific brains than we ever had before. The United States and other countries are working together for a vaccine. Your children are home and safe and you have an abundance of cleaning supplies to last years. You are fine. You’ve done everything you need to do. 

A quote about life and how hard it is.

To the students studying abroad or ones with future travel plans: I know it sucks not knowing or maybe having your plans canceled before or during your trips. Live in the moment and realize the memories you made in those countries. If you never got to travel because of cancellations, this is also adding some culture to your life. The whole world is on hiatus, but at the same time, we are all working together to protect everyone in it. All the countries are, at this moment, united through this virus — even if it’s scary — working together to ensure safety. This is just temporary and the world will go back to its original state, but these countries need to be certain they are safe for visitors and tourists. 

Spencer Davis

To the whole world: let’s put differences aside in this situation. Safety and health always come first. These tense times need to encourage kinder behavior towards each other. We are all in the same boat. It’s time to work together and help each other out. If a neighbor is running low on soap, be kind enough to let them borrow some. This is a time to show the true colors of unity as the world is at a standstill to wait out the worst of the storm. 

A globe with a heart drawn on it.