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The Women’s Network: The New Wave of Redefining Ambition

The Women’s Network is a national networking organization focused on connecting collegiate women and celebrating ambition, with the mission of “redefining” it. Founder and President Jamie Vinick was a freshman at Syracuse University when she noticed the lack of discussion surrounding the challenges that women face in the professional world; she realized the need for a space where those conversations were tackled and not at all shied away from.

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Starting out, The Women’s Network launched various chapters on campuses across the country, and, with all the well-deserved hype growing, it would only be fair for the growth to continue. TWN has now launched 20 new chapters nationwide, a perfect way to kick off the spring semester — from Georgetown to UMD, Harvard, UCLA, UCF, John Hopkins, UC San Diego, Carnegie Melon and more. TWN offers workshops, speaker meetings, mentorship opportunities and networking trips, and that's just scratching the surface. Now on 42 campuses with 21,500 members and counting, the community that the network holds can pretty much speak for itself.

[bf_image id="r8kw7s9hkcmpnrbkbqtk6z"] After what could easily be described as a difficult year where communication and in-person networking has suffered, The Women’s Network has been an outstanding resource to build a positive community for collegiate women, even in a world of everything remote. It’s an exciting time for women and their ambition in the world, and a new TWN chapter might just be right in your neighborhood, ready for you to be a part of it.

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Erin Jones is a senior at the University of Central Florida, studying advertising and public relations. Her interests include writing and playing music, film, and fashion.
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