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‘Wine Not’ Step Up Your Wardrobe?

Obviously “popping tags” at thrift stores such as Goodwill and The Salvation Army has been the biggest thing to hipsters everywhere for a while, even more-so now that Macklemore’s song is a world-wide hit. With a big homage to the ‘90s, it’s cool again for even the straightest of men to dress as on point and “swaggie” as they feel. Out with the cargo shorts, in with the tailored suits! I’m here this week to bring you a local store in Orlando that one-ups Goodwill and threw the hottest vintage/resale fashion party of the season. It’s called Dechoes, and it’s about to change your closet one funky piece of vintage at a time.

Imagine walking into a thrift store and demanding, “I want you to give me the coolest things you have in this store. Every vintage biker jacket, every mod shift dress, every bedazzled blazer that you have.” Essentially, that is the experience you get at Dechoes (sans the demands). Walking into the store, you are automatically greeted with a sensory overload of colors. From the spectrum of colors of the walls, to the sales associates’ hair, to the bright arrangement of clothes, it’s a statement of a store. They carry everything from a baby blue lace Dolce & Gabbana dress to Jeffery Campbell platforms. The best part about this place, though, is that it is dirt cheap. Sure, they’ll have a pair of Louboutin stilettos for 500 dollars (originally around 1,200). But the general selection of their items is under 50 dollars, including many fabulous items for under 10. I myself got a pair of ’60s pastel yellow shorts for only 7 dollars, and I have my eye on a vintage Yves Saint Laurent blazer that is only 40. On top of the already low prices, they are starting a new 10 percent off discount for UCF students that bring a valid ID.

The first Wednesday of every month, Dechoes hosts a party called Wine Not Wednesday. Free drinks, free appetizers, hot music, and prime selection on all of their newest items. It was honestly one of the most fun things I have attended in Orlando, especially with the interaction I got with the owner, Kerri, and the associates. Kerri loves when new customers from UCF come into her store. She said that, “Giving people clothing that they wouldn’t find anywhere else at a college budget is my favorite part. I want them to walk around campus and have people ask where they got that awesome jacket from. More college students need to know that we exist, we’re here for them!”

Dechoes has two locations in Orlando: 2110 Edgewater Drive Orlando, FL 32804 and 2525 E Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 32803. Like their facebook page and be on the lookout for the next Wine Not Wednesday. Drinking wine while planning out your perfect retro summer outfit is very, very on point. 

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