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Why Sorority Girls Would Make Great Rappers

Srat star or rap star? Why not both. Whether it’s our ability to bust rhymes or our complete disregard for authority, sorority girls would make great rappers. Here is a list of reasons why chapter members should consider dropping some fire mix tapes like we drop money on one too many frat tanks. Sure, we are not the most likely suspects to be picked up by Young Money Ent., but just like 2 Chainz says, “we’re different”. 


1)      We have crews

Some rappers take years to build up the perfect entourage; we however have built in friends that come with membership in our sorority. Whether you call them your homies, brick squad, baes, hoes, woes, WHATEVER; they are there to run through the 6 with us or any other shenanigans we may be up to. 


2)      We have great gang signs

Our crews are the baddest on the block and we let our rivals know. Whatever we are doing, our hands contort into symbols only our hood rat friends know how to do. Posted up, we feel the need to represent our squad by making the craziest configurations of fingers known to man.

3)      We go out

Pull up to the frat house with the ceiling missing, “Trap Queen” bumping out of our speakers, tinted windows to block out the haters. We love going out as much as Kanye loves Kanye. For most srat stars, the club is goin’ up on a Tuesday…and Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, etc. No beer for us though, top shelf liquor only, plebeians.

4)      Our social media looks the same

Our top used emojis are all of the money signs. Bags of money, flying money, even the Chinese Yen are used in every caption on social media so everyone knows we’re popping bands. Even if most of our parents do pay for our sorority dues…and tuition…and food…whatever, all we do is cash out. Unnecessary hashtags with rap lyrics plaster our Twitter and Instagram accounts and more than likely, our snap story is a half hazy video of the #squad singing Truffle Butter on the way to Wawa.


5)      We don’t always follow the rules

It’s hard out here for a pimp, but also for us sorority members. We have lots of rules to follow and sometimes we make mistakes (aka ball too hard). “IDFWU” may be the motto most girls use when confronted by older sisters or executive board members about breaking the rules, but really when it comes time to go to Standards we know we messed up.

6)      We are great dancers

As soon as dance philanthropy season comes around, every sorority girl turns into Nicki Minaj. Wall twerking, floor twerking, even twerking in splits must be perfected to make sure that anaconda do. All of the boy toys in the audience are amazed by our ability to make super thug faces while somehow still looking sexy. Plus with all of the squatting we do in pictures we all have that Nicki booty. 


7)      We sing a lot of songs

Sorority girls have really great rhyming abilities because of the number of songs we sing. Whether they are chants, recruitment songs, or lottie’s on the bus to a social (naughty), sorority girls can spit with the best of them. Plus, we have great rhythm because of all of the step-clapping we do for recruitment.

8)      We are proud of what we represent

Rappers and sorority girls alike tend to have huge egos when it comes to who they are and what they represent. Some may call it vain or conceited, but we all are truly proud of our organizations and we want everyone to know. 

Zoe is a junior at UCF studying Radio and Television with a minor in Business while she waits for her long lost grandmother to tell her she is actually the Princess of Genovia. She loves musicals, photography, waterskiing, and tricking people into thinking she is well rounded. In her spare time, you can find her speed walking around campus attempting to dodge as many longboards as possible. Follow her on Instagram or Twitter @causeimazoe if you're interested in learning about her oh so advenurous life.
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