Why Lenient Parents Are the Best Parents



Thank you to my parents for always trusting me and believing that I would make the right decisions without their consent!

I bet you’re all asking yourself if you considered your parents to be strict with you as you were growing up. Did the enforce bed times, curfews, tell you when you could watch television or who you can hang- out with? Well it’s those types parents who raise the rebellious troublemakers.

If you’re a teenager with parents who strictly monitor every step and breath you take, odds are, you are going to do the complete opposite of what they say to do. If they tell you, you cannot go to a party, jokes on them. You’re sneaking out of the house exactly when they are sound asleep to go to the party just because you were told you couldn’t.

Now if you’re a teenager with lenient parents who trust you, odds are, you are more likely going to choose staying home and watching a movie rather than going to the party because you don’t see a reason in rebelling or doing something stupid based off of your own judgment.

I grew up with parents who let me do whatever I want. They believed in my decisions and told me I will always make the right choices that benefit myself. Once I saw that they didn’t care if I threw a party, if I drank or if smoked at such a young age I found no purpose or reason in doing so at all. I never had a curfew yet was also home by 1 am just because I knew nothing good happens after 2am. No one has friends at that time. I watched all my friends hide their liquor and drugs from their parents just so they didn’t get caught. But once they did it was like all hell broke out. I never had to hide anything and I told my parents every little thing I did growing up which is why they trusted me so much.

Your parents are there to help you grow and mature into the person you’re meant to be. Don’t hid the dumb mistakes you made from them because it will only cause more problems in the future. Being honest can lead to less punishments and more rewards if you think about it.

Now that I have seen the difference in myself compared to those I know who had strict parents, I know I want to be just like mine when I have children. Now it’s your turn to decide what type of parent you want to be. GOODLUCK!