Why I'm Still Burnin' Up For Nick Jonas

Reality hits you hard when you realize you’re 20 and still going to see Nick Jonas in concert. I have no shame. Nope, none, and my 10-year-old self would be so proud of me. Actually, my 10 year-old self is still fangirling over my ultimate childhood heartthrob.

Nick Jonas is coming to the House of Blues on September 26th, in Orlando. I can’t even pretend I’m not ecstatic by this (sorry Joe and Kevin, Nick was always my favorite). Although we loved the perfect trio, and Joe Jonas’s iconic purple pants, Nick was the youngest and held the most promising future in the music industry. I cut out endless blown up pictures of him from BOP and Tiger Beat magazines to display all over my bedroom walls, Year 3000 was my national anthem, and I had hopes and dreams of becoming the next Jonas—but don’t even lie, you did too.

I loved Nick’s mini afro in '05, he and Miley were the real #RelationshipGoals, and together the Jonas Brothers were dominating the charts (and my iPod Nano). We cried with him when he sang A Little Bit Longer as a tribute to his journey living with Diabetes, Joe's dance moves kept the gang goin', and...we still loved Kevin even though he wasn't as much of a tween hottie as his two brothers.



Yeah, good times. That made me feel some type of way. But when the JoBros broke up, my heart broke a little with them, and then finally everything was right in the world when Nick decided to fly solo with his music career (and when he decided to become a Calvin Klein model).


You're welcome, that was the turning point of the “new, mature” Nick Jonas and when all the unexpected girls (and when I say girls, I mean grown women of all ages), jumped on the band wagon I’ve been riding for 10 years. Uhh, duh he is hot, where have you been?

It seems like Disney stars generally go insane after their fame, but Nick Jonas has managed to keep his career a priority, and transform his image for an adult audience to atttract more than just the squealing teenage girl. As he was getting hotter and we thought the Jonas Brothers were heating back up in 2012, they broke it off for good. It's like all of our happiness was shattered, again. But that was for the better.

Now that the baby of the group is making a comeback, it’s inevitable I am still Burnin’ Up for Nick Jonas. It's a dream.

It's less embarassing when I play Nick Jonas on Pandora now, because college students don't judge me like I'm stuck in 6th grade. He is in again! The time I've been anticipating for like, ever. Whether you want to admit it or not, his new music catchy, he is hotter than ever, and it’s exciting to watch his career take off as a solo artist.

His album Nick Jonas which includes every song played on the radio; Jealous, Chains, Warning, Avalanche, etc. makes me wonder if Nick J. still wears that purity ring the Jonas's were so found of bragging about back in the 2000's? Probably not, but the girls are not complaining- can you blame us?

I'm anxious to see where the next few years take Nick Jonas as a pop-rock star. It's bascially 2005 all over again, and I am so happy.