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Why I’m In Love With These Five Fictional Men

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

Since the beginning of storytelling, people have always found ways to connect with fictional characters in one way or another. My connections to these characters have always seemed to have one thing in common… they were all incredibly hot. My love of fictional characters started at a young age, and this is the progression of all the fictional men I’ve loved before.

Jeremy Sumpter (The 2003 Version of Peter Pan )

Starting strong we have Jeremy Sumpter as Peter Pan. This boy was my sexual awakening at the ripe age of five. Blonde curls and green eyes were a mix that was enough to make me fall in love. Some critics claimed that this movie was “psychologically complex” but the only complex thought I had about the film was what I would’ve had to tell my parents if he came to my window and told me to escape with him to Neverland. Peter Pan and Wendy’s relationship was the first form of love I had ever seen on screen. I was bewitched by Peter’s sense of adventure and his promise to Wendy that she would never have to grow up and worry about grown-up things. At the time I thought that was the coolest and most romantic thing a boy could do, and also the fact that he could fly. Looking back, I don’t blame my five-year-old self. In her eyes, he was just another beautiful damaged boy she could fix. Captain Hook may have hated Peter’s courage and cocky attitude, but I found it captivating, so much so that these are some of the qualities I look for in men today. 

 Jack Dawson (Titanic )

Leonardo DiCaprio’s role as Jack Dawson from The Titanic is one that is willingly burned into my mind. In my opinion, it is one of his best roles with him in his peak attractiveness. He was beautiful, kind, and genuinely advocated for the greater good. He was the fun that Rose seriously lacked in her life and showed her all the ways she could live life to the fullest and I wanted that to be me. Jack proved that you didn’t have to be crazy rich to get the girl, and that personality truly was enough. When he died, a piece of me died with him. His death was the first that I had ever really cared about on screen and it left me wrecked for days. I was completely infatuated with Leonardo DiCaprio after watching this movie. The only good thing to come from his death was the spiral it sent me into after. I was searching for any other movie he was in. To this day I still believe that he could’ve fit on the door, but that’s just me. 

titanic im flying scene
Paramount Pictures
Flynn Rider (Tangled )

When it comes to fictional men, I do not discriminate. Whether he be a real person or a literal drawing, I will find a way to fall in love. Flynn Rider from Disney’s Tangled was no different; he was charming, daring, and cunningly attractive. Plus, when I was younger that smolder got me, I’m not gonna lie. Yes, he was a thief, but one that stole my heart. In the end, he gave up his criminal antics and fell in love with Rapunzel, because she saw him for who he truly was; Eugene Fitzherbert. This was a man who saved Rapunzel from Mother Gothel, fulfilled her dream to go see the floating lights, and gave her the adventure of her life. It also helps that the voice actor for Flynn Rider is Zachary Levi, who has the voice of an angel and is also very attractive. The only major downfall of Flynn Ryder for me was when he cut Rapunzel’s hair at the end of the movie to save her from Mother Gothel. I understand it had to be done but did it really have to be that short? Personally, I would’ve preferred a light trim. His saving grace, however, was when he said he had a thing for brunettes. That quote alone ultimately fed into my delusions and made me feel like I actually had a chance. 

Peter Parker (Spider-MAn: Homecoming )

Attractive nerdy men have a special place in my heart. Mix it with some superhuman spice and you got me. Peter Parker is a scientific genius with a heart of gold. Even though in Tom Holland’s version it took him a while to realize the importance of being a friendly neighborhood Spiderman, he eventually came around. His awkwardness and attention to detail when it came to MJ prove that he would be the ideal boyfriend. For example, when he bought MJ the Black Dahlia necklace just because he remembered it was her favorite murder mystery was perfect. He is always trying to keep his loved ones safe and he looks really good while doing it. Watching Spider-Man: Homecoming for the first time in 2015 was the gateway into my love of Tom Holland in general and it became a full circle moment for me when I saw he was Lucas in The Impossible, which happened to be a childhood crush for me. 

Dave Rygalski (Gilmore Girls )

Dave Rygalski, played by Adam Brody, was almost life-changing for me. Leaving the territory of brave and adventurous men and entering into one of the sweet and nerdy types, my taste in men changed forever. This is one of my more realistic fictional crushes and he has set the standard for every man after him. Out of all the men in the show, he was undoubtedly my favorite and in my head, put all of Rory’s boyfriends to shame. I had never wanted to be a character more than I wanted to be Lane, simply because she got to be with Dave. He was everything a boyfriend should be: sarcastic, funny, caring, and incredibly respectful to everyone, especially Lane’s mother, Mrs. Kim. Mrs. Kim is a very difficult woman to impress and the fact that Dave was able to, says it all. Forget the fact that he would go to Lane’s house and play religious hymns for Mrs. Kim all day just for the chance to see Lane, but they had so much in common and he was so good to her. He set one of the most unrealistic expectations of men for me because who is going to read the entire bible in one night, just to take me to Prom? Absolutely no one, but a girl can dream. 

Honorary Mention Prince Eric (The 2023 version of the little mermaid)

The new The Little Mermaid’s version of Prince Eric was a huge step up from the original. The looks, the character development, everything was given in this version. Prince Eric finally had a personality and an actual backstory as to why he was the way he was. He truly loved Ariel and was not afraid to stand up to Ursula or be weirded out by Ariel’s transformation. Not only was Prince Eric an amazing person but an amazing singer as well. I would go into wild uncharted waters with him in a heartbeat and never look back. 

Halle Bailey as Ariel in the Little Mermaid

All of these fictional characters have in some way contributed to my taste in men today. Whether it be a human being or a fictional drawing, the attraction is real. My hope is that when you read this you find some comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your delusions and someone out there has the same fictional crush as you.

Camila Escobar is a staff writer for Her Campus UCF, she is sophomore journalism major on the print/digital track with a minor in film. She deeply enjoys anything pop culture from movies/shows, albums etc. She loves to write is excited to contribute to the Her Campus Magazine!