Why I Love Valentine's Day: Single Girl Edition

I'm not sure if my love for Valentine's Day stems from my inner hopeless romantic or just the excuse to eat rose-shaped chocolates. Either way, I remember loving this holiday ever since the days of exchanging little notes and candies in elementary school. What's better than having a reason to show a little extra love to the people in your life?

Despite my love for this sweet, slightly cheesy day, I've never actually celebrated it with a significant other. Sure, sometimes it's tempting to feel a little bitter when it seems like everyone else is coupling up and making plans for the day. However, I really believe it's about your perspective on this holiday. Instead of thinking of it as a day to make single people feel alone, I have fallen in love with the holiday as a single girl for a few main reasons:

Less Stress, More Chocolate

Like the title of this section suggests, being single means you're not obligated to share your Valentine's Day chocolate with anyone. In all seriousness though, I think it's important to appreciate the time you have to focus on yourself, rather than trying to meet the holiday's expectations. If you're feeling ashamed of your singleness, remember this: trying to plan the perfect date, or give someone the perfect gift can be a lot of pressure. With that being said, you shouldn't want to rush to spend the holiday with someone just to feel like you fit in. As a single girl, there's an opportunity to enjoy a laid back day and all of the chocolate sales that are on their way. 

Cute Crafts & Decor

Love is in the air... or is it just the pink and red hearts that will be hung everywhere? If you're into any kind of DIY, baking or apartment decor, Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to make your space festive. I personally enjoy decorating heart-shaped cookies or writing handwritten letters. There are tons of ways to get creative; my favorite thing to do is to check out all of the Valentine's Day ideas on Pinterest to find inspiration! Plus, who doesn't want a reason to buy fresh flowers to put on the table?

Rom Coms All Day

Let's be honest, taking a day (or the whole month of February) to watch romantic comedies alone or with your best girlfriends can be refreshing. There's something about being able to throw your hair in a messy bun, put on a face mask and indulge in some of the corniest movies ever made. These movies might not always be super realistic, but doesn't that make them even better? Valentine's Day means more rom coms will be premiering, more will be playing on every channel and even more will be available for streaming. Now is the best time to ugly cry every time the main characters realize they're perfect for each other. 

Excitement For The Future

Last but not least, a big reason I love Valentine's Day is that it reminds me of the good times I have yet to have with the person I will love. Rather than feeling like something is "missing" on Valentine's Day, I like to think about the time I've been given to figure out what I really want while focusing on the people I love in other ways. In a sense, it feels as though the possibilities are endless. Not only do I get to look at the couples in my life that are madly in love with each other as an example, but I get to learn even more about myself in the meantime.

In true fashion of a hopeless romantic, I do believe there will be a day when I find someone I'll love to spend this holiday and every other day with. However, I'll be happily enjoying every Valentine's Day that happens between now and then. 

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