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Who Should Have Been on the Cover of Cosmopolitan 50 Issue

This year, Cosmopolitan is celebrating their 50th year issue. The Golden Anniversary; or as it appeared as, “The Kardashian Kover.” Now, this issue is more than this “First Family” having ANOTHER publicity shot, THIS IS THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF ONE OF THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS FEMALE MAGAZINES. If I was Joanna Coles, the Editor-In-Chief, I would definitely make some changes, and that’s what I’m going to do; the women who should have been on this month’s golden cover. Drum roll…

1.  Beyoncé – Can you imagine a cover without this queen? She changed the game of females; artists, business women, mothers, and wives all while she was promoting albums, concerts, marriage, and having a child! 

2. Shonda Rhymes – This is THE FIRST African American woman to create, produce, and direct three shows on ONE NETWORK. Do you see the Kardashians doing this? 

3. Tyra Banks – Who do you know that started at age 16 in Paris modeling, strutted the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, was the first African American woman to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated, created a show that has 22 cycles, and went to Harvard Business School? Yea, no one except Tyra, I didn’t think so…

4.  Caitlyn Jenner – If they had to choose any of the “First Family” members, why not the one who has started a movement or activism towards society? It may push boundaries or limits, but why not have social change like she did, instead of the rest of her family that has no social change except following Kylie on Snapchat to see if she got a new car or hair style?

5. J.K Rowling – She didn’t use her full first name because they would have turned her down, since she’s a woman.  She created the most popular book series and franchise in history.

6.  Sheri McCoy – CEO of Fortune 500 Company, AVON. Now only 22, (4.4%) women are CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies. It would be an achievement if Cosmo had more women in power on their covers to create more ambitious young female leaders in this country.

7.  Sonia Sotomayor – The first Hispanic woman to be the Supreme Court Judge in history. Game changer.

8.  Michelle Obama – This is the REAL First Family. For 8 years she created the “Let’s Move Campaign” to end child obesity, as well as healthy meals for schools. She’s the REAL First Lady.

9.   Gloria Steinman – She is the one of the first feminist journalists and activists to start the Women’s Liberation in the 70’s and to create Ms. Magazine. Without her achievements, and of others like her, women wouldn’t have the freedom to be as Cosmo says, a “Fun, Fearless, Female.”

10. Hilary Clinton– Imagine Bill Clinton being  the “First Man”…

So that’s just a few women who should have been on the cover of this issue’s Cosmopolitan’s 50 year anniversary. This magazine is more than being fun and a female. It’s about leaving a legacy that’s more important than just having the highest number of social media followers, or likes on a picture, or even the latest fashion trend. Yes those do show achievements, however young women everywhere need to know there’s more to it than just that. Hard work, dedication, and a dream are just the steps needed to be one of those greats…


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