Which Crown Do You Wear?

We may not want to admit it, but most of us are a certain kind of drunk.  As in, when we drink, our personality takes a turn for the better, or sometimes worse.  When we have a girl’s night out, and down a few or more drinks, our drunk self comes out. Some of us may be the funny girl, or the emotional one always crying in the corner of a bar or party.  Like it or not, we’re all guilty of it. 

So which drunk girl are you?

Take a look at these types of common drunk personalities girls tend to depict, and find out what beautiful color crown fits on your wasted head.

Happy girl drunk- This is the girl you usually want to be around. She’s had a few drinks and is the ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.  Her attitude is positive and she just wants to dance and have a great time.  Socially, the happy girl may bring a few laughs to the group, so it is always nice to have one of them around.

Needy girl drunk- I want, I want, I want.  This drunken girl claims she needs anything and everything right then and there.  Whether it’s a bathroom, a boy, a bagel, or even the bouncer’s attention, home girl wants it all.  Be careful with this one, because if she isn’t pleased, things may get ugly.  The best way to handle this drunk is to let her be and whine out her wants, or if you’re that good of a friend try and get her that cheeseburger, or hot guy, she has been longing for. 

Stripper girl drunk- For some reason, alcohol can make girls want to take their clothes off.  The night might have been going smoothly; drinking and dancing with friends, but before you know it, you see this girl hanging on a pole, standing on a stage, or bar, and waving her shirt in the air (so much for being classy).  These girls take the hunger for attention to a whole new level by becoming a personal stripper and showing everyone their goodies. 

Angry girl drunkGirls that get angry when they’re drunk, take mean to a whole new level.  When sober, they are commonly the nicest of friends, but when they down a couple of vodka, water, limes, the beast is unleashed.  Once their blood alcohol level rises, they tend to get mad at everyone for everything.  Whether they’re crying for attention, trying to make their night entertaining with drama, or just for the sake of being rude, these drunken girls are some of the worst to spend the night around.  She yells, pouts, complains, and basically wants to ruin your night.  Keep your distance and try not to take anything she may say or do too seriously or personally.  She is just an angry drunk.

Hopefully you expected the crown you gave yourself.  Most of us realize how we act when drunk, or your friends end up telling you the next morning, either way you are slapped in the face with certain type of drunken characteristics.  Try and be the girl everyone wants to go out with. Don’t be a drunken Debby downer; she is never invited to the party.