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Where To Get Gorgeous Editions of Classic Literature

This past summer, I finally discovered the bookish side of Instagram. And let me tell you — I was hooked. I spent hours scrolling through pictures of books, beguiled by the beauty these Instagrammers captured and fascinated by the reviews they wrote.

However, when I tried to start my own bookstagram, I realized that creating these stunning pictures was easier said than done. For one thing, most of my books came from thrift sales or book fairs and they weren’t exactly camera-ready.

Now, there’s no problem with having simple, paperback books; especially if they’re all you can afford or they’re the bridge that gets you to start reading more. But I realized I wanted to start working on a collection of books, which may one day turn into my dream library.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to blow on dozens of new books right now, but I decided to compile a list of places to look for my collection when I get my paycheck and want to treat myself. Since I’m a sucker for classic literature, I set out to find the most beautiful versions of these books for sale today. Here’s what I discovered:

Puffin Clothbound

From perhaps one of the most famous publishers, these stunning editions feature intricate patterns and artwork from the stories on an array of brightly colored backdrops.

Chiltern Classics

This UK-based company is known for their breathtaking journals, but they’ve adapted that style to fit your favorite classic novels. From florals to art-deco designs, these books look more like home decor than reading material.

House of MinaLima

MinaLima is probably best known for creating graphic elements used in the Harry Potter movies, as well as in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort. Their quirky hardcover designs are the perfect way to bring magic to your bookshelf.

Word Cloud Classics

As the name suggests, these editions from Juniper Books feature a rainbow of covers with word clouds describing each book. Perfect for word nerds or anybody who’s too lazy to read a full book synopsis.

Wordsworth Collector’s Edition

These delightfully simplistic collector’s editions showcase subtle plot elements from each of the books. If you’re a visual person, the colorful covers will be sure to remind you of why you fell in love with each book.

Puffin in Bloom

Despite only having four books, the Puffin in Bloom collection has left an imprint on book lovers around the globe. These bright, show-stopping covers have been the inspiration for T-shirts and tote bags you can buy to match your favorite classics.

Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics

Available in-store and online, these sturdy leather books will give your shelf a dignified feeling. The rich colors and sophisticated details make these copies the perfect edition to any dark academia library.

Easton Press

Easton Press’ vast selection of hardcover classics is not for the faint of heart. The timeless design of each book provides an abstract maturity for when you’re ready to upgrade your collection.

Folio Society

With modern and classic designs from every genre imaginable, Folio Society offers something for every booklover. Find brilliant artwork for your favorite books or discover something completely new to read.

Penguin Drop Cap

This clever collection features one author for each letter of the alphabet. Besides looking incredible, you can use multiple books from the series to spell out your favorite words in Instagram posts.

Reading is a fulfilling hobby no matter what your books look like, and I’m happy it’s one I’ve been able to rediscover in the past few months. I hope all readers may one day have the chance to create a library that truly speaks to their personality and passions. Luckily, with the Internet to help, it’s now easier than ever before.

Emma Charlotte Young is pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Public Relations. Texas-born and New York-raised, she is currently exploring everything the Sunshine State has to offer. When not in school, she enjoys sewing, baking, writing, photography, and playing with her Boston Terriers, Millie Mae and Quinnie Pearl.
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