Where Are the Jonas Brothers Now?

If you’re like me, your Jonas Brothers fangirl stage never really did come to an end, and when you found out they were breaking up you were in shock for a couple of days (maybe weeks, but who was counting?). But to those of you who decided to kiss them Goodnight and Goodbye, here is what they have been up to nowadays:

Nick, the youngest of the band, decided to go solo with his singing career after the band’s break up was officially announced and, so far, has been doing very well. He released the studio album called Nick Jonas in 2014 with “Chains” as the first single, which, surprisingly, did not do as well as “Jealous,” which became the album’s second single.

The year after, he put out a re-released version of his debut album called Nick Jonas X2 with “Levels” as the single. Jonas then jumped right back into the studio and recorded the album Last Year Was Complicated (after his break up with Olivia Culpo, whom was crowned Miss Universe in 2012). LYWC was released in June of 2016 with the lead single “Close” featuring Tove Lo. The album has received positive feedback since time of release. Finally, in 2017, Jonas released “Remember I Told You” featuring Anne-Marie and Mike Posner on the track. In September of 2017, the heartthrob released “Find You.”

The youngest JoBro (of the band) has continued to be successful in the music industry as well as the movie industry. He has done some movies, the most famous one being Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle which will hit theaters December of 2017.

Onto my favorite from back in the day, Joe Adam Jonas. The 28 year old who used to call himself “DJ Danger” was unsure of what to do at first when the band had officially split. He had tried going solo back in 2011, but the album did not receive enough positive feedback. So after the JoBro’s split he decided to create a band with two friends of his, Jack Lawless and JinJoo Lee. Later, Cole Whittle from the band Semi Precious Weapons became the last member to be added; hence the start of DNCE. DNCE released “Cake by the Ocean” as their debut single in early 2015 and later in the same year they released their full EP.

And because I know we are all wondering, Joe Jonas is well taken and ENGAGED! He popped the big question to actress Sophie Turner just last month! So happy for these two but we all know some of us wondered, “if Joe Jonas isn’t the love of my life, then who really is it?” because me too, sister. But no worries, all we have to do now is wait A Little Bit Longer.

Kevin, the older Jonas, decided to Keep It Real after the break up of the trio. He had his reality TV show, Married to Jonas, running from 2012 to 2013 but when the band broke up later that last year, he decided to lay low with the fame and raise his two daughters with his wife Danielle in California. I have to give Kevin props, he really knows how to keep things private; last known of him, besides his daughters being born and him sharing the cutest pictures of them on Instagram, he’s been hitting the gym and selling houses as a real estate broker. That’s right, no more fame, no more crazy rock band lifestyle, just taking care of his family and doing normal grown up stuff, real estate. Nonetheless, I am proud of his musical career and wish him the best in real estate, which I can assume is pretty good in Southern California.

Well, I have to say I feel like a proud mom of the three boys since I have followed their lives for so long and I am certainly glad they seem to have their lives figured out. I believe the best way to end this article is by stating that Nick is the only single one left, so just know that I’ll be on the lookout and maybe, just maybe, I may be the one looking into his eyes and saying “I do” to becoming the next Mrs. Jonas, his true Lovebug.