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What You’re Really Thinking About During Finals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

Finals week is just around the corner, and there are lots of preparation to be done! Reading, organizing, rereading, studying, some more reading, memorization and a little bit of self-reflection before you simultaneously rip your hair out while you read until your eyes throb. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with the actual studying aspect, but I’m here to assist in the self-reflection portion of your finals week!

Don’t worry, ladies. Even the most studious collegiettes find themselves lost in non-academic thought while avoiding the monotony of cramming for whatever exam is looming upon them. It’s about time we start getting real about what you’re focusing on. This is what we’re really thinking about when studying.

Alright, let’s do this. Chapter 1.

Okay, I’m bored already.

I won’t even use this in the future. Taylor Swift never had to learn about Microeconomics, and she turned out great!

Ooh, Taylor Swift’s new album… perfect studying music.


This is SO my song for Nick. He sucks. I’m so over him.

Okay, you better start focusing or you won’t pass this exam and you’ll live an unfortunate life forever.

I don’t get this.

I’m hungry. Oh my god, if only Chick-Fil-A delivered. No wait, 4Rivers.

Aw, Nick always used to take me to 4Rivers.

I’m just gonna go on Facebook for 5 minutes and make sure he still looks sad and lonely without me.


She’s BLONDE. He doesn’t even like blondes!

Ew, he’s annoying.

That’s it. I’m ordering pizza.

That pizza guy sounded kinda hot.

I wonder if Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together.

I miss The Plaza.

Whatever. I just wanna watch Gossip Girl.

Blair Waldorf is like, my spirit animal.

Chuck Bass is so much better than Nick ever was anyways.

I’m gonna tweet Taylor Swift lyrics.

Okay, now it’s serious cramming time. I’m going to study at Starbucks. I want an iced peppermint mocha. Instagram time!

22 LIKES?! I have a gift.

Crap. I’m screwed.

Molly Slicker is a Human Communication major with a minor in Film. She is an entertainment junkie who appreciates good humor, good vocabulary and good friends. She gets way too attached to fictional characters and her favorite sports teams. She is inspired by her family, faith and the 2001-2002 cast of Saturday Night Live. Follow Molly on Twitter for mostly sarcastic updates about celebrities and her life's awkward situations or on Instagram for pictures of her feeble attempts at craftiness
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