What Your Favorite Diet Coke Flavor Says About You

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Forget your zodiac sign. It’s all about which new Diet Coke flavor you can't stop drinking.

1. Ginger Lime

You are the rock for everyone in your life. You have a grounding presence that others find very calming. You keep it casual with boho style that wouldn’t look out of place at a music festival or in class. You have strong opinions, but you're always willing to listen to your friends. You're a total homebody and a plant mom. When you do leave the comfort of your home, you spend time at a cozy coffee shop with your closest friends.

2. Strawberry Guava  

You're full of surprises and can be difficult to get to know at first sip. Your style changes with your mood, and you are known to take a fashion risk. You love trying new things and are always excited to take on a challenge. You can most often be found putting your energy into creative endeavors.

3. Original Diet Coke

Why mess with a classic, right? You are the red lip and winged liner of drink choices. You know what you like and stick with it. Don’t be afraid to branch out of your comfort zone and try something new once in a while! You can most often be found leading the crowd in any situation and your friends love how consistent you are.

4. Blueberry Acai 

You are the queen of self-care. You can most often be found wearing athleisure and humblebragging about your CrossFit achievements. Your Instagram feed is full of gym pics and you are always trying the latest wellness trends. You can be a little harsh with yourself at times, but it's all in pursuit of pushing yourself to reach your goals!

5. Feisty Cherry 

You are a total flirt. You are sweet as cherries with a little kick of spice. Your style is vintage-inspired and you're always down for an adventure. You are the life of the party and everyone gravitates towards your welcoming energy. You make an effort to know everyone in the room and encourage others to take a risk. (Feisty Cherry Diet Coke and whiskey, anyone?)

6. Zesty Blood Orange 

You are a social butterfly. You are always camera ready. You're an aspiring IG influencer and your feed makes all your friends jealous. You are open-minded and you wear your heart on your sleeve. Your style is whatever you just saw on the runway mixed with budget pieces. You can most often be found networking with other inspiring women and curating trends on your mood board.

7. Twisted Mango 

You're on vacation mode 24/7. You know how to really let yourself relax and let loose. You encourage everyone around you to slow down and appreciate all the good things in their life. Your style is anything that goes with flip flops and you are always down for a day spent soaking up sunshine and fresh air.

If you love Diet Coke, be sure to try their awesome new flavors! And if you want the chance to check out the colorful lineup in person, stop by the Diet Coke Tour at UCF on April 1 to find your favorite! 

Images provided by Lena Daniels.