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What to Wear on a Date

Let’s face it: We dress to impress girls more times than not. Girls are our worst critics and we care way too much about what they think. However, guys have no fashion sense. To them, you either look good or you don’t. It is literally that simple. They do not care if you are a fashionista or have name brand clothes. If you look good in what you are wearing, that is the only thing that matters to them. That is key to remember when it comes to the dating scene.

There are a lot of different types of dates. Whether you are going for dinner and drinks, doing something outdoorsy, a casual lunch, etc., here are some great go-to outfit ideas for these occasions. This article is not going to be as much writing as it will be visual. I have created outfits on Polyvore. When it comes to clothes, it is much easier to look at than talk about. Click on the link at the end of each topic if you want to see specifics on the clothes. As a side note, do not pay attention to the prices on these clothes and accessories. I put them together as an example of what you should go for, not exactly what you should wear. It is more of a general idea. Use these as a template to make your own sexy creation.

Casual Afternoon Date

With this one, you have to keep it fun, flirty and simple. This is for any date where you are relaxed and feel free to be yourself. You look casual, but show off your girly side at the same time. It is all about being comfortable with a little extra spice. Guys love to see your relaxed side.
Casual Afternoon

Outdoorsy Date

Who said that cute and active couldn’t go together? Make being active playful and exciting. Just because you may sweat a little does not mean you can’t look good while doing so. Be adventurously sexy, and you will make him melt. Let him see your relaxed side.

Dinner and Drinks Date

This is for an intimate night with just the two of you. You want to show off your assets with the tight, black skinny jeans, but keep it classy. Guys love classy girls with a little sass. The colors here are very feminine as well.
Dinner and Drinks

Night on the Town Date

Bring out that wild and sexy side for a night out! Your little black dress will always be a showstopper. It is what you match it with that puts it over the edge. Your guy won’t be able to contain himself with you in it. All he will be thinking about all night is how hot you are and how lucky he is.
Going Out

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