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What to Remember for Our Daughter’s Sake

Have you ever had a moment in your life where you just thought, “I wish I would have known that before”? I know the answer to that question is yes. There are some moments in life that are nearly impossible to prepare ourselves for. I have learned from many of those situations, and I hope that I can help anybody be ready for similar events.

I have been cursed with a poor memory. Luckily, I found my power of writing, and I have compiled of list of things to remember. And by things I mean anything. This list includes observations, “uhh duhs,” eavesdropped conversations, or potential baby names. These may not seem important now, but they need to be remembered for my future daughter’s sake.

Dear Future Me:

First and foremost, always follow your first instinct. I cannot count the times I didn’t listen to my gut when I should have. If wearing a caramel colored turtleneck feels like a bad idea, it probably is. If riding on the back of a guy’s long board seems unsafe, it probably is. Follow that gut feeling of yours; it usually never guides you astray.

Never volunteer to help a classmate with his video project. Ever.

It’s not your job to keep other people happy. It’s your job to keep yourself happy. Do not let keeping someone happy turn into a hobby. This may sound bad, but the single most important person that needs to be happy is you. The others come later. You’re your own first priority.

Fearlessness is a good thing. Have courage to try new things and do not be shy.

Talk to everybody: in an elevator, at the library, in the gym, wherever. “Don’t talk to strangers” only applies if you’re under the age of 10 (Don’t quote me on that). Meeting new people opens new doors and allows for you to experience greater diversity. Tell everyone your dreams and passions; it may end up helping you. But no, it is still not ok to take candy from strangers.

Reading is a necessity. Read everything. Read magazines, books, recipes, the back of a milk carton, or even Greek myths. They all enhance your intelligence. Who knows, maybe one day something you randomly read will be the answer on Final Jeopardy.

Watch the show Friends. I learned more from that show than anybody could ever tell me.

Make sure you can cook. This will always be helpful. Especially when you’re trying to impress your man’s parents.

Always dress nicer than what you think that event requires. If you’re unsure of what to wear to an event, dress business professional. First impressions are everything. You won’t look bad if you look damn good.

Nobody can be your everything. He may seem like the perfect man now, but no one is perfect. Make sure you know who you are before you think someone is the almighty bestower of your happiness. It’s possible this will just lead you to disappointment.

This is just a fraction of helpful tips that will help anyone through a certain situation. Hopefully, those certain someones will be our daughters one day. It is not possible to prepare for all that happens in our lives. Life is a learning process that we need to experience ourselves in our own way. But it never hurts to have a couple guidelines to help us through each day.

 Keegan is a sophomore at UCF majoring in Environmental Studies and is part of the HCUCF team as an editorial writer. Keegan is obsessed with all things Disney and is currently training for a marathon. If she survives, she will attend law school and dedicate her life to making the hospitality industry as environmentally friendly as possible. 
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