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What It’s Like When Your BFF Goes to a Different College

These are a few of the struggles you know all too well when your BFF goes to a different college.

You are forever stuck in group texts that never end.

When you hardly see each other, group texts are necessary to keep up with each other’s lives. You don’t want to be out of the loop because of distance. Plus, there’s no way you’re going to miss the chance to tell each other the dirty deets of your latest hookup or a crazy party. But it’s also a struggle when you’re busy working two jobs and keeping up with classes. You are constantly getting off work to a dying phone and 120 texts that you are definitely not taking the time to go through.

Social Media becomes more important than ever.

Half the time you will continuously be tagging each other on relatable Instagram posts or Facebook videos. There is no shame in the fact that you have more than one conversation going on at all times on various social media accounts and you have no plans to discontinue the habit. It keeps you two close.

You practically go to 2 colleges.

Their college becomes your second home. When you go from seeing someone every day to only a few times a semester, you make it a priority to visit each other as often as possible, even if it’s just for a weekend. When your BFF finally visits, you make it a priority to make her feel like she goes to your school, meaning you show her all the best local spots and bring her to the best parties.

When you’re finally together, you don’t want to see anyone else.

You guys have so much to catch up on that when other people try to hang out, you get a little possessive. You want some alone time with your other half and no one can get in the way of that. Sometimes, it’s necessary.

You get a little jealous of their new friends.

While both of you are making tons of new friends and creating new friend groups, you get a bit jealous when they post pics with the newbies. You know that shotgunning in random inappropriate places is your tradition, but she’s posting pictures continuing the tradition with her new amigos. Obviously you are happy for her, and you’re literally doing the same thing with your new friends, but you miss doing those things with your BFF, too.

You start making summer plans in January.

What’s wrong with a little planning ahead? Five months ahead…because you are so excited to see them for more than a weekend! You’ll probably end up just lying on the couch watching movies all day but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Skype becomes your new best friend.

Texting and calling is great and all, but sometimes you just need some face-to-face time. It’s way easier than trying to explain your current boy situation in a 10 paragraph essay. Skype calls usually turn into watching the same TV episode at the same time and watching eat other eat, but hey, that’s what you would be doing together anyways.

Goodbyes become the hardest part of your friendship.

When you visit each other, you have to eventually leave to head back home. It’s the worst part of the long distance friendship, but it is essential as well. The emotional wreck you two become shows how much you will miss each other and confirms you will stay friends through it all.  


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