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This week has been a lot for me as an avid Taylor Swift fan and a big football fan. Taylor Swift is without a doubt my favorite artist in the world and Travis Kelce is probably my favorite tight end— if not, favorite all-around player— in the NFL right now. There have been many signs of the two being a couple and I can’t even express how I feel over this news. Here’s what we know about the supposed pair as of right now. 

In the beginning of July, Swift took her record breaking “Eras Tour” to Arrowhead Stadium, home stadium of Kelce’s football team, the Kansas City Chiefs. Weeks later on July 26th, Travis Kelce spoke about Swift on his podcast New Heights which he shares with his brother. In this podcast episode, he reveals how he was devastated when he found he couldn’t meet Taylor before her show and how he had made her a friendship bracelet with his number on it. Quickly after this news broke, fans everywhere started to ship the pair and even referenced Taylor’s song “Stay, Stay, Stay,” in which she talks about how an ex-boyfriend wore a football helmet. 

Months later, Entertainment Tonight confirmed that the two were not officially dating but were “quietly hanging out.” As soon as this news came out, everyone everywhere began to look for any kind of clue that would confirm the pair were actually together, ranging from people saying that Travis was trying to get her attention by wearing a John Mayer shirt (obviously referencing how Swift and Mayer dated back in 2010) to simply how happy Taylor was singing her love songs during her tour. 

With the NFL season starting, it was expected that these rumors would start to ramp up. Well, our expectations were valid. Now with access to both Travis Kelce and his brother, star center for the Philadelphia Eagles Jason Kelce, reporters began to ask questions and poke fun at the situation. When asked about the rumors, Jason Kelce stated that he believes “it’s hard to answer because I don’t really know what’s happening in Travis’ love life and I try to, like, keep, you know, his business kind of his business and stay out of that world.” He went on to jokingly say he believes Taylor and Travis are 100% together, then again reassures that he did not know what was really going on. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts even said that he feels like he’s part of a gossip television show with all this talk. 

Recently, Kelce went on the “Pat McAfee Show” and discussed his rumored relationship with the pop star. McAfee asked about the pair after saying he just had to. Kelce coyly responded, “I told her that I’ve seen her rock a stage in Arrowhead and she might have to come see me rock the stage at Arrowhead. We’ll see what happens in the near future.” Well, little did we know, a few days later Swift actually came to a game and sat in Kelce’s personal suite. The news broke when at the start of the game, the camera crew flashed to the suite level and showed Taylor sitting next to Travis’ mother, Donna Kelce, cheering on the Chiefs. The internet completely broke. The game quickly turned from a competition between the Chiefs and the Bears into the Taylor Swift show. They showed Swift on television every chance they got and even incorporated her lyrics into the game commentary. Swifties and NFL fans alike were loving this. The pair ended up leaving the game together to head to a supposed team dinner hosted by Kelce and Swift.

The latest piece of information we have is from Travis Kelce himself. On his New Heights podcast with his brother, Travis commented on everything that happened at the game and seemed to be pleased. He said everyone in his suite raved about Swift and enjoyed their time. He loved seeing her chest bump the people in the suite and celebrate after touchdowns. Kelce himself enjoyed his weekend with the pop star as he stated “I’m enjoying life and I sure as hell enjoyed this weekend,” on his podcast.

Personally, I would be thrilled to see this couple last a long time. Being a fan of both of them as individuals, I can see how they would get along and would love to see them awkwardly dance at award shows together. What are your opinions on the supposed pair? 

Franki is a sophomore at UCF majoring in Journalism with a minor in Sports Business Management! When not writing, she can be seen listening to Gracie Abrams, Taylor Swift, or Harry Styles, watching a hockey game, reading a Jane Austen novel, or spending time at a Disney Park!