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Valentine’s Day Book-ish Gifts For (Book) Lovers

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. This season of love, take the time to give back to someone special in your life. Whether it’s for yourself, a friend, or your significant other, you’ll find the ideal book-ish gift for the quirky tried and true bookworm in your life on this list! 

Book Light

Personally, this is the best book light I’ve ever used (and I’ve used my fair share) and it can double as a bookmark. This USB book light is rechargeable with three brightness settings, five adjustable levels, and multiple colors to choose from. If you or the reader in your life enjoy reading at night-owl hours, this will help you comfortably read for hours on end. 

book riot lit chat

For a friend or significant other, consider purchasing the Book Riot Lit Chat for a fun night talking all about books and life. The Book Riot Lit Chat is a conversation card deck created to give readers the opportunity to compare characters and books, discuss books tied to particular memories or hypothetical situations like “did you actually lol at that book,” and friendly debate. To give your reader the perfect excuse to light up and book talk, this is the perfect gift! P.S my go-to debate while playing is the terrible sides of BookTok — what would yours be?

Barnes & Noble Gift Card or Bookstore Outing

For a Valentine’s Day outing, treat your reader by taking them to your closest Barnes & Noble or local indie bookstore and allow them to run wild. Trust me, they’ll be in total bliss. Who knows, maybe you’ll gain a brain cell hearing them talk about this and that author or find a book that intrigues you to start reading, as well. 

Book Page Holder

Every reader knows the annoying struggle of trying to keep a paperback open without creasing the brand-new book’s spine. Likewise, strain is a real thing when you’ve been flipping book pages for hours on end and for that, I present to you a book page holder! Keep your book open easily and enjoy your next reading session just a tad bit more. 


For the book lover in your life that can never get enough coffee (or tea), the perfect gift might just be yet another mug for their collection. You really can’t ever have enough of them! Some adorable options are a book quote, bookshelf mug, or relatable bookworm messages. Careful though, there is such a thing as a cringey mug.


For the book lovers out there and the Emily Henry Book Lovers lovers out there, this right here is the perfect scent! This spray is the exact scent described by Emily Henry in Book Lovers and inspired thousands of readers to fall head over heels for the scent’s allure. With notes of bergamot, eucalyptus, and warm sandalwood, this is bound to transport you to the feeling of curling up with a good book. This scent comes in multiple scent levels, whether you want something light and airy, potent, or somewhere right in-between. 


In order to have a satisfying reading session, sometimes you have to create the right ambiance whether that be lighting, a comfortable blanket, or a go-to playlist. To manifest this, light up your reader’s life with a good candle to spice up their routine and set the mood.


It is not up for debate that a reader’s library is their pride and joy and full of to-be-read books. A customizable and memorable gift like a book embosser will allow them to add a personal touch to every piece of literature they add to their collection! 


One thing is for sure, the paper versus digital debate is endless. If a Kindle has been on your book lover’s wishlist, give them just that and guarantee access to a plethora of reads available right at their fingertips.


Personally, I’m a die-hard Goodreads user, but some readers truly love the feeling of putting pen to paper and detailing their experience while reading a novel. Make it a little easier to record and remember what they read over time with a gift like this that they’ll use for years to come!

I hope this gave you some insight into the ideal gift for the readers in your life for this year’s season of love! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Brianna is the Editor in Chief and Campus Correspondent for Her Campus UCF! She is studying English Literature and Political Science at the University of Central Florida. Brianna is a writer and creative focused on creating content and publications that promote empowerment among college individuals. She's a lover of Disney, reading a somewhat excessive number of books a year, any form of art expression, & the oxford comma.